Order JW-3 8200.6C Coordination of Flight Inspection Procedure Packages

This order, dated 4/16/10, establishes policy and assigns responsibility for coordinating Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) packages between National Aeronautical Navigation Services and the Flight Inspection Operations Group. Once the IFP package is designated for flight inspection, it is referred to as a flight inspection procedure package.

Order VN 8200.3A Policy With Respect to Military Program Procedures for Flight Inspection of Foreign-Owned Air Navigation Facilities.

This order, dated 02/01/01, establishes AVN policy for the management of international flight inspection activities conducted by the FAA on foreign-owned air navigational aids (NAVAIDS) designated as essential to U.S. military operations, and the systematic review of those activities.

Order VN 8200.8, Flight Inspection Program Standards

This order, dated 8/20/07, specifies AVN flight inspection standards and certification requirements for conducting flight inspections within the NAS. It incorporates and documents a number of existing requirements, procedures, and standards that define the baseline flight inspection environment as specified in Order 1100.161, Air Traffic Safety Oversight.

Order JW-3 4100.1B, FI Aircraft, System, and Software Modification Approval Process

This order, dated 4/25/11, establishes the process for identifying and approving aircraft modifications and system enhancements to Aviation System Standards Flight Inspection aircraft, related systems, software, and equipment.

Order JW-3 8240.B, Certification of Flight Inspection Personnel

This order, dated 8/16/10, establishes policy for the certification of flight inspection personnel IAW Order 8200.1, United States Standard Flight Inspection Manual.