The Flight Inspection Operations Group has six teams and six field offices. The teams are located in Oklahoma City at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC).

Flight Operations Team
The Flight Operations Team establishes and administers intense training in the areas of aircraft operation, crew resource management, and flight inspection techniques.

Technical Services Team
The Technical Services Team handles national policy, procedures, and standards for conducting flight inspection activities.

Standards Team
The Standards Team manages the flight and flight inspection mission standardization programs.

Training Team
The Training Team develops, manages, instructs and administers CFR Part 135 sections 135.293, 297, and 299 training for the Flight Inspection Mission.

Regulatory Compliance Team
The Regulatory Compliance Team is responsible for creating and updating documents, electronic distribution of documents, scheduling training, record keeping on crewmembers, and other requirements of maintaining a 14CFR PART 135 Certificate.

Aircraft Configuration Team
The Aircraft Configuration Team is responsible for ensuring the flight inspection aircraft fleet is capable of operating safely in the National Airspace System.