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Program Standards performs a vital role in the maintenance and airworthiness of the AVN aircraft fleet, through management of aircraft maintenance policy and programs. Aircraft maintenance policy and standards are developed, initiated, distributed and maintained to provide current and accurate information for use in the maintenance of AVNs Flight Inspection aircraft fleet. Flight Inspection aircraft are maintained to the high standards of a Continuing Analysis and Surveillance Program (CASP), managed by Program Standards.

Another significant responsibility of Program Standards is the approved Reliability program. This program provides for accumulation, display, analysis and investigation of reliability data as it pertains to AVN aircraft, equipment and systems. This data is used to adjust maintenance processes and inspection frequencies or to alert maintenance personnel.

Program Standards houses and manages the central technical library, consisting of approximately 1000 technical manuals used in the maintenance of AVN aircraft.

The Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering website is managed by Program Standards for use by AVN employees on a national level, to host current program policy, aircraft maintenance standards, forms, lists, reports, maintenance alerts and directives and web based training.

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