JO 7110.10X
Effective Date:
April 3, 2014
Subject:  Flight Services

Section 7. Law Enforcement Messages


The El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) is a law enforcement organization composed of multiple Federal agencies, including the FAA. The principal mission of EPIC is to facilitate the exchange of information and tactical intelligence on illicit activity and to support, through the intelligence process, Federal, State, and Local investigations concerning violation of Federal, State, and Local statutes as they apply to narcotics, aliens, currency, and weapons.

EPIC also supports law enforcement efforts conducted by foreign counterparts throughout the world. In response to an increased multi­agency need, EPIC develops into a fully coordinated, tactical intelligence center supported by databases and resources from member agencies. EPIC issues a LEAM that pertains to stolen aircraft. Upon receipt of a LEAM from EPIC, take the following actions:

a. Stolen Aircraft Alerts.

1. Stolen aircraft alerts request recipients to watch for and report on the location and movement of an aircraft which has been reported stolen.

2. Keep active until included in a stolen aircraft summary or until cancelled.

3. Upon receipt, check records for any aircraft contact, beginning with the date the aircraft was reported stolen.

4. Relay any information available to the office listed on the alert.

b. Stolen Aircraft Summaries.

1. Stolen aircraft summaries should be used to replace and consolidate all the individual stolen aircraft alerts received in the interim.

2. Monthly summaries are sent as soon as possible after the end of the month. They include aircraft registration numbers, aircraft type, and the date/time stolen and/or recovered.

c. All LEAM.

1. Distribute the stolen aircraft alerts and summaries, at the discretion of the air traffic manager, to all parties, fixed base operators, airport managers, etc.

FAAO 1600.29, Para 7c(6), Stolen Aircraft Alert Procedure.

2. Check local records for the previous 24 hours.

3. Notify by telephone 1­888­873­3742 [USE EPIC], 1­915­760­2226 for the Air Watch Desk, or 1-915-760­2200 for the General Watch Desk) of any contact within the past 24 hours. Also, notify the Regional Duty Officer for relay to the cognizant Transportation Security Administration Aviation Command Center.

4. Subsequent aircraft transactions must be monitored and require the same notification as defined in subpara 6­7­1c3.

5. Take no action regarding the aircraft, crew, or passengers other than normal air traffic job related functions.

6. Cease all actions upon receipt of a cancellation or a summary that does not include this aircraft's registration number.


Any inquiries from airport managers, aircraft owners, or law enforcement entities to initiate an alert message must be directed to EPIC. EPIC is interfaced with the National Crime Information Center, which gives them access to any stolen aircraft report entered by law enforcement agencies. FAA facilities must not volunteer to relay this information to EPIC. Assistance must be limited to providing EPIC phone number(s) as specified in subparagraph 6­7­1c3 or advising the inquiring party to go through normal law enforcement channels.  

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