JO 7400.2J
Effective Date:
February 9, 2012

Subject:  Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters
Includes:  Change 3 effective 8/22/13, Change 2 effective 3/7/13, Change 1 effective 7/26/12 and  Errata effective 2/9/12.


Section 3. Military NAVAIDs

4-3-1. POLICY

Military NAVAID proposals may affect airspace or airport utilization and the availability of interference protected frequencies. Consequently, military proposals involving the establishment or relocation of military NAVAIDs are forwarded to the service area office for nonrulemaking studies. Such proposals should contain the following information:

a. Site of the NAVAIDs using geographical coordinates to the nearest hundredth of a second.

b. Equipment type.

c. Power output.

d. Frequency range.

e. Any other pertinent information.


The service area office is authorized to coordinate with the originating military organization to obtain any additional information needed for the nonrulemaking study.


The regional Frequency Management Office must evaluate the military proposal to determine frequency availability and frequency protection. This evaluation must be provided to the responsible service area office.


If the frequency evaluation report is favorable, the service area office must complete coordination with the appropriate Airports, Flight Standards, and other Technical Operations service area offices, and the FPT. If appropriate, circularize the proposal to user groups and other interested persons for comment. If the public comments indicate further discussion is warranted, then consideration should be given to holding an informal airspace meeting to discuss the proposal.


The responsibility to determine the acceptability of the military proposal is delegated to the service area office after coordination with the FPT, Technical Operations service area office, Flight Standards, and Airports Divisions. Any problems with, or objections to, the proposal must be resolved at the regional/service area office level prior to issuance of the decision. The determination must be issued in memorandum form stating that the FAA has “no objections" or “objects" to the installation of the NAVAID. Airports Divisions are cautioned to ensure that site locations for the establishment or relocation of NAVAIDs on obligated airports are in accordance with FAA approved Airport Layout Plans. Any restrictions or reasons why the proposal is objectionable must be clearly set forth in the memorandum.


The appropriate service area office must normally address the determination to the military organization that originated the proposal. When the request for the study originated from FAA headquarters, then the determination should be directed to the office requesting the study or relayed to the Military Command through FAA/Department of Defense (DOD) coordination procedures. Forward copies of the memorandum to ARN-1, the Technical Operations ATC Spectrum Engineering Services, Spectrum Assignment and Engineering Services, and those regional/service area offices that participated in the study.


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