JO 7400.2K
Effective Date:
April 3, 2014

Subject:  Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters
This Basic includes Change 1 effective 7/24/14.


Chapter 16. Class C Airspace

Section 1. General

16-1-1. PURPOSE

Class C airspace areas are designed to improve aviation safety by reducing the risk of midair collisions in the terminal area and enhance the management of air traffic operations therein.


Before initiating rulemaking actions to establish Class C airspace, exhaust all nonrulemaking alternatives that provide for an acceptable level of safety and are consistent with the objectives of standardization and simplification. Such alternatives include, for example, the following actions:

a. Improved radar services.

b. Pilot/controller education programs and aviation education safety seminars.


a. Service area offices must biennially evaluate existing and candidate Class C airspace areas using the information contained in this chapter as a guideline.

b. If the conclusion of an evaluation indicates that airspace establishment or modifications should be made, regions/service area offices must follow the applicable procedures in this order.

c. Additionally, any planned modifications to or establishments of Class C airspace areas must be coordinated with Airspace Regulations and ATC Procedures Group prior to any public announcement.


a. A provision may be incorporated in part-time Class C airspace area designations (rules) to allow, by Notices to Airmen, for changes when minor variations in time of designation are anticipated. To apply this provision a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and final rule must be issued which provides the following statement in the specific airspace designation: “This Class C airspace area is effective during the specific dates and times established, in advance, by a Notice to Airmen."

b. The effective date and time will thereafter be continuously published. Information concerning these surface areas must be carried in the following publications as applicable:

1. The Airport/Facility Directory for the contiguous United States, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.

2. United States Flight Information Publication Supplement Alaska.

3. The Pacific Chart Supplement.

c. Notices to Airmen specifying the dates and times of a designated part-time area may be issued by the appropriate facility only after coordination with the regional/service area office. The service area office must assure that such action is justified and in the public interest.


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