JO 7400.2K
Effective Date:
April 3, 2014

Subject:  Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters
This Basic includes Change 1 effective 7/24/14.


Section 9. SUA Review Teams

21-9-1. PURPOSE

a. A SUA Review Team is one option available to the service area office director for conducting the annual SUA review detailed in paragraph 21-8-2.

b. When this option is selected, the SUA Review Team must:

1. Evaluate the need for, or obtain additional information regarding a specific SUA proposal; or

2. Develop recommendations for the retention, modification, or revocation of the SUA airspace based on actual utilization or a change in user requirements.

c. A team established for this type of review must be dissolved upon completion of its overall conduct of the review.


Review teams must be composed of at least two FAA members plus the regional military representative. The team membership must be based on the requirements and purpose of the review. Members may be selected from the reviewing region/service area office, another service area office, concerned ATC facilities, or other FAA Headquarters (e.g., Strategic Operations Security or Safety Evaluations representative), regional, orfield offices, as required (e.g., Flight Standards or FPT).


a. When the service area office director determines that there is a need for a team to review a SUA, the service area office director must designate a team chairperson who will be responsible for the overall conduct of the review.

b. The team chairperson must:

1. Prepare an agenda and pre-brief team members on the purpose and procedures for the review.

2. Begin coordination sufficiently in advance to provide local officials with adequate time to prepare the required information.

3. Coordinate visits to military SUA sites through the appropriate regional military representative.

4. Determine if an informal airspace meeting should be held to allow users and other interested parties an opportunity to present comments and offer recommendations. If a meeting is planned, follow the informal airspace meeting procedures in Chapter 2 of this order.

c. The team must examine:

1. The actual hours, altitudes, and geographical area used, the types of activities conducted, and the impact on other users.

2. Review the effectiveness of procedures for real-time, joint-use of the airspace, and identify problem areas or aeronautical impacts.

3. Draft recommendations to resolve problems, improve the efficient use of airspace, and/or enhance the service to the using agency.


a. A report must be prepared to document the results of the review. The report contents should include at a minimum:

1. Copies of notification memoranda.

2. A team member list.

3. An Executive Summary.

4. A description and chart of the SUA reviewed.

5. Team Observations and Recommendations.

6. An informal airspace meeting summary and copies of written comments submitted at the meeting (if applicable).

7. Supporting documents or source information (if applicable).

(a) SUA utilization data.

(b) Letters of Agreement.

(c) Other pertinent documents.

b. Within 60 days after completion of the review, the report must be forwarded through the service area office director to the regional military representative, or responsible official for nonmilitary SUA. A copy of the report must be sent to Airspace Regulations and ATC Procedures Group and concerned ATC facilities.


a. The regional military representative, or responsible official for non-military SUA, should respond to the report in writing within 60 days of receipt. If the user concurs with the team's observations and recommendations, the service area office must coordinate with the user representative to initiate any required airspace action or other recommendations.

b. If the user does not agree with the stipulated recommendations, the service area office must coordinate with the appropriate representative to resolve any issue(s). If agreement cannot be reached, the service area office must forward its recommendation, along with an explanation of the user's position, to Airspace Regulations and ATC Procedures Group for further action. A copy of the region's/service area office's recommendation must be provided to the appropriate user representative.

c. The service area office will monitor the status of open items until all required actions have been addressed.


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