JO 7400.2K
Effective Date:
April 3, 2014

Subject:  Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters
This Basic includes Change 1 effective 7/24/14.


Chapter 24. Warning Areas

Section 1. General


A warning area is airspace of defined dimensions, (extending from 3 NM outward from the coast of the United States), designated to contain activity that may be hazardous to nonparticipating aircraft.

24-1-2. PURPOSE

The purpose of a warning area is to warn nonparticipating pilots of the potential danger from activities being conducted. A warning area may be located over domestic waters, international waters, or both.


Identify warning areas with the letter “W" prefix followed by a dash; a two- or three-digit number; a location; and the two-letter state abbreviation (e.g., W-291, San Diego, CA). A letter suffix is used to indicate subdivisions. Identification numbers are assigned by Airspace Regulations and ATC Procedures Group.

24-1-4. JOINT USE

Warning areas may be considered for joint use if the area can be released to the FAA during periods when it is not required for its designated purpose, and provided the warning area is located in airspace wherein the FAA exercises ATC authority under ICAO agreements. When designating a warning area for joint use, a letter of agreement must be executed between the controlling and using agencies to define the conditions and procedures under which the controlling agency may authorize nonparticipating aircraft to transit, or operate within the area. Apply the provisions of paragraph 23-1-5, as appropriate.


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