JO 7400.2J
Effective Date:
February 9, 2012

Subject:  Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters
Includes:  Change 3 effective 8/22/13, Change 2 effective 3/7/13, Change 1 effective 7/26/12 and  Errata effective 2/9/12.


Chapter 28. National Security Areas

Section 1. General


A National Security Area (NSA) consists of airspace of defined vertical and lateral dimensions established at locations where there is a requirement for increased security of ground facilities. Pilots are requested to voluntarily avoid flying through an NSA. When it is necessary to provide a greater level of security, flight in an NSA may be temporarily prohibited pursuant to the provisions of 14 CFR 99.7, Special Security Instructions. Where there is a need to restrict flight operations in an NSA, the required restriction will be issued by Airspace Regulations and ATC Procedures Group and disseminated via NOTAM.

28-1-2. PURPOSE

An NSA is designated to enhance national security and protect national assets.

28-1-3. CRITERIA

An NSA should be considered when a need to protect national assets or a need to protect an area in the interest of national security is identified.


There are no standard dimensions for an NSA. The dimensions should be the minimum to promote the protection of the national asset or area identified.

28-1-5. CHARTING

NSAs must be depicted on aeronautical charts to inform users of the NAS regarding their vertical and lateral dimensions. Additionally, a note must be depicted on the chart adjacent to the NSA stating the requested avoidance altitude.


An NSA does not expire. However, an NSA may be suspended or revoked at the discretion of Airspace Regulations and ATC Procedures Group.

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