JO 7400.2K
Effective Date:
April 3, 2014

Subject:  Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters
This Basic includes Change 1 effective 7/24/14.


Section 3. Aeronautical Determinations

29-3-1. FINDINGS

a. All outdoor laser operation determinations must be issued in writing.

b. Determinations rendered must either be objectionable or non-objectionable. A non-objectionable letter of determination (LOD) issued by the FAA is not permission nor an endorsement of the outdoor laser operation.

c. Determinations may be telephoned to the proponent and to the CDRH; however, each must be followed up with a written response.

d. Send a copy of LODs to the military liaison offices, affected ATC facilities, (when convened, the local laser group), and the CDRH in Rockville, Maryland.

e. Forward a copy of objectionable LODs to Airspace Regulations and ATC Procedures Group.


a. As a minimum, letters of non-objection determinations must:

1. Include a listing of any provisions, conditions, or limitations.

2. Inform the proponent not to incorporate change(s) into the proposed activity once a non-objection LOD has been issued unless the service area office issues a non-objection to the change in writing.

3. Stipulate a requirement that proponents must notify the FAA designated representative of:

(a) Any changes to show “start/stop" times or cancellation 24 hours in advance.

(b) The laser light activity 30 minutes before start time.

4. Include a statement advising the proponent that the determination is based on FAA requirements only and final approval must also be obtained from the appropriate authority.

5. Specify that the FAA determination does not relieve the sponsor or operator of compliance responsibilities related to laws, ordinances or regulation of any federal, state, or local government.

6. Include the name and telephone number of the ATC facility to be notified and other information as deemed appropriate.

7. Indicate NOTAM requirements.

b. An objectionable LOD must inform the proponent:

1. That a determination of objection is being issued.

2. Why the proposal does not satisfy FAA requirements.

3. That supplementary information may be submitted for reconsideration.

c. If negotiations to resolve any objectionable effects are not successful, the determination of objection stands.


a. When a determination by the service area office of non-objection is issued, consider the time of duration (in days) of the laser activity.

b. The service area office must review laser operations for continued publication bi-annually.

c. Service area office must forward to Aeronautical Information Management information for publication as follows:

1. Class II Publications. Temporary laser operations at a specific location that will exceed 56 days but less than 180 days.

Publication in the Class II publication is dependent on established cutoff dates.

2. Appropriate aeronautical charts. Laser operations at a specific location that will exceed 180 days or are considered permanent.

3. Airport Facility Directory (AFD). Publish in the AFD laser operations that will exceed 180 days at a specific location.


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