JO 7400.2J
Effective Date:
February 9, 2012

Subject:  Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters
Includes:  Change 3 effective 8/22/13, Change 2 effective 3/7/13, Change 1 effective 7/26/12 and  Errata effective 2/9/12.


Section 3. Certificates of Waiver or Authorization


a. The service area office (or designated representative) has the authority, in accordance with FAAO 1100.5, FAA Organization - Field, to grant, or deny, individual waivers to part 101. FAA Form 7711-1, Certificate of Waiver, must contain, as a minimum:

1. The section of part 101 that is being waived.

2. The name, address, telephone number of the applicant.

3. Activities (e.g., types of rockets) approved for launch.

4. The location of the approved launch site in coordinates.

5. Approved dates and times of launch operations.

6. Advance notification requirements to the appropriate FAA facilities and, if desired, cancellation and termination notification.

7. Approved projected altitudes of the rocket(s).

8. Other provisions in part 101 may be included at the discretion of the service area office.

9. Any other requirements deemed necessary for local operations.

b. The service area office may suspend or revoke a waiver whenever a question arises about the safety of the operation, compliance with safety precautions or conditions of approval, or if unforeseen impact on aeronautical operations occurs.

31-3-2. NOTAM

a. NOTAMs issued for space launch and reentry operations, 14 CFR Section 91.143, Flight limitations in the proximity of space flight operations, will be processed as usual.

b. The NOTAM must include the launch site description, effective dates and times, and a chart depicting the area boundaries. It should also include a brief narrative describing the launch scenario, activities, numbers and types of rockets/launch-vehicles involved, and the availability of in-flight activity status information for nonparticipating pilots. Information regarding ALTRVs used in conjunction with TFRs may also be addressed.

c. If a launch site will be used on a routine basis, the service area office may consider charting the launch site and/or the TFR on the applicable sectional aeronautical chart.

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