Air Traffic Organization Policy

JO 7210.3
Effective Date:
April 3, 2014
Subject:  Facility Operation and Administration

Section 2. Itinerant Operations


a. Count IFR itinerant operations as follows:

1. One count for an aircraft on an IFR flight plan or a special visual flight rule (SVFR) clearance that:

(a) Takes off.

(b) Lands.

2. One count for aircraft on an IFR flight plan that executes a missed approach procedure.

3. One count for a VFR aircraft that requests to practice the published missed approach procedure when approved standard separation is provided by the tower and TRACON.

4. One count for a SVFR clearance operating wholly within the Class D or Class E surface area, e.g., local SVFR making a series of landings and takeoffs (towers).

When an aircraft operates on a SVFR clearance for a series of VFR patterns and landings, only one instrument count must be taken for the SVFR clearance, while each takeoff and landing is tabulated as a local operation.

5. One count for each aircraft practicing instrument procedures either on an IFR flight plan or VFR (if approved standard separation is provided) that:

(a) Takes off from a complete stop and practices an instrument departure.

(b) Practices an instrument approach procedure.

b. Count VFR itinerant operations as follows:

1. One count for an aircraft operating VFR that:

(a) Takes off.

(b) Lands.

2. Two counts for each low approach below traffic pattern altitude (one landing and one taking off), a stop and go operation, or touch-and-go operation.

Consider operations of more than one aircraft operating in a formation as a single aircraft. If the formation breaks up into smaller formations, consider each additional formation as a separate aircraft.

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