Air Traffic Organization Policy

JO 7210.3
Effective Date:
April 3, 2014
Subject:  Facility Operation and Administration

Appendix 4. Glide Slope Outage Waiver Request

Simultaneous ILS With Glide Slope Out Waiver for Operations After 29 Days

                                                       Submit via Email to:

                AJT-2A3          9-AJT-2-HQ-TerminalSafetyAndOperationsSupport@faa.gov
                AJS-5               9-AWA-AJS-COR@faa.gov
                AOV-120         9-AWA-AVS-AOV-COR@faa.gov
                AFS-400          `AFS-460-IFPV@faa.gov

Section 1

Facility Identification:


Runway (##) Glide Slope OTS:


Simultaneous Approaches Impacted:


Section 2

Effective Paragraph(s):

" FAA Order JO 7110.65, 5-9-6
" FAA Order JO 7110.65, 5-9-7

Section 3

Initial Outage Date:


Reason Glide Slope is OTS:


Expected Restoration Date:


Reason outage will be longer than
29 days:


Section 4

Facility Safety Monitoring:

Facility Manager must include a narrative of any issues or problems that have been encountered. This narrative must identify any new safety requirements/mitigations that the facility implements.

Section 5

Impact if Waiver is Not Granted:

Facility Manager must include a narrative of the operational impact if continuation of this procedure is not approved.

Section 6

Attach a copy of the facility Contingency Plan for Unplanned Glide Slope Out Procedures.


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