JO 7930.2N
Effective Date:
August 22, 2013
Subject:  Notices to Airmen


Effective: August 22, 2013

a. Chapter 1

Clarifies and expands the definitions of each keyword, as well as provides definitions to keywords not previously defined in preparation for International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) compliant NOTAMs. The keyword “SECURITY” and definition is also added. Section 3 of Chapter 1 is renamed from “Responsibilities” to “Accountable Organization” which is more descriptive of the type of information contained in this section. Adds a new paragraph that defines and identifies who, other than Flight Service, is considered a certified source. The term “NOTAM Originator” is further defined as a result of the Safety Risk Management Document (SRMD), Digital NOTAM Originators, dated May 26, 2011, and SRMD Amended Version 1, dated October 11, 2012. Clarifies coordination and NOTAM responsibilities associated with navigational aids.

b. Chapter 2

Adds additional descriptive verbiage that addresses time critical delays, corrections, and changes. The enhanced paragraph becomes more descriptive of the happening or event.

c. Chapter 3

Paragraph 3-1-2 is renamed and reorganized to more accurately portray NOTAM responsibilities. Paragraph 3-1-3 eliminates the option to use Standard Forms 7930­1 and 7930­2 because they are outdated due to new technology; instead, the information needs to be included on a locally-approved form. Paragraphs 3-3-3 and 3-3-6 are also added.

d. Chapter 4

Section 2 further defines the standardized NOTAM sequence and the words within. Keywords are removed as they are identified in Chapter 1. NOTAM elements are standardized to reflect the digital NOTAM structure, specifically to provide guidance for NOTAMs with altitude limits. All NOTAMs now must have an effective and expiration time, and the use of “EST” and “PERM” are further defined.

e. Chapter 5

The term “Movement Area NOTAMs” is changed to “Aerodrome Condition NOTAMs” to be more inclusive. Policy is included to help the user in creating changes to Usable Runway Length and Declared Distance NOTAMs. Updates to Field Condition Reporting are changed as a result of the SRM Panel on Changes in Contaminant Reporting dated April 2012. The contaminant table is modified to more accurately reflect Airports policy. Pilot Reported FICON is added to this section. Customs Services is added to paragraph 5-1-5. A new paragraph is added to provide the standardized NOTAM sequence for Obstructions. Technical Operations personnel are identified as the originator of the NOTAMs identified in sections 5­3 through 5­5. The responsibility is placed again on the NOTAM Originator as the disseminator of the information contained in the NOTAM.

f. Chapter 6

The term “Special Activity Airspace (SAA)” is added and defined to be inclusive of Special Use Airspace (SUA), Warning Areas, and other related airspaces.

g. Chapter 7

Paragraph 7-1-5 has been reorganized for clarity and reworded to enhance understanding of information required and better define duties.

h. Chapter 8

The Military NOTAM System is changed to its proper name, Defense Internet NOTAM Service (DINS).

i. Chapter 9

The procedure for the NOTAM Office issuing GPS­related international NOTAMs is amended, and the reference to oceanic airspace is deleted.

j. Appendices

The Appendices have been updated to reflect current word uses and policy.

k. Further guidance for NOTAM responsibilities and accountabilities is defined to reflect current practices within the Federal NOTAM System (FNS).

l. Many updates are made to transition towards ICAO compliance.

m. Updates are made to capture FAA organizational changes and the results of those changes.

n. Paragraphs have been moved and reorganized to improve the flow and make the order more logical.

o.  Examples and references are updated throughout the order to reflect current policy and updated publication information.

p. Redundancies are eliminated.

q. Additional editorial/format changes are made where necessary.


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