JO 7930.2P
Effective Date:
April 3, 2014
Subject:  Notices to Airmen
Includes:  Change 1 effective 7/24/14

Section 2. NOTAM System


When changes occur so rapidly that time does not permit issuance on a chart or in an appropriate publication, they are publicized as NOTAMs. Originators of airmen information are expected to inform the NFDC in sufficient time before the effective dates of changes to permit publishing of aeronautical data on the various charts or in the appropriate publications. NOTAMs are classified into four groups in accordance with instructions in this order. The groups are:

a. NOTAM D. Information that meets the criteria of this order and requires wide dissemination via telecommunication and pertains to en route navigational aids, civil public­use airports listed in the AFD, facilities, services, and procedures.

b. FDC NOTAM. Flight information that is normally regulatory in nature including, but not limited to, changes to IFR charts, procedures, and airspace usage.

c. Pointer NOTAM. Issued by a flight service station to highlight or point out another NOTAM; such as an FDC or Parachute Jump Exercise (PJE) NOTAM. This type of NOTAM will assist users in cross­referencing important information that may not be found under an airport or NAVAID identifier. Keywords in pointer NOTAMs must match the keywords in the NOTAM D that is being pointed out. Keywords in pointer NOTAMs related to temporary flight restrictions (TFR) must be AIRSPACE. (See chapter 6 for an example.)

d. Military NOTAM. NOTAMs pertaining to U.S. Air Force, Army, Marine, Navy, and Coast Guard navigational aids/airports that are part of the NAS.


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