Air Traffic Organization Policy

JO 7210.3
Effective Date:
April 3, 2014
Subject:  Facility Operation and Administration

Section 2. Organizational Responsibilities


Strategic Operations Security must:

a. Develop national NAS security programs.

b. Develop security related Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) procedures.

c. Develop and coordinate Presidential airspace protection initiatives.

d. Coordinate security measures impacting the NAS directly with designated Service Area and facility representatives.

e. Ensure that all appropriate coordination has been accomplished prior to the implementation of a known security measure or program.

f. Provide guidance and direction to the maintainers and users of the NAS regarding security programs and procedures.

g. Provide briefings to appropriate levels within the FAA and industry on current and projected security measures and associated impacts.

h. Maintain close liaison with appropriate Service Areas and other FAA services on all security programs.

i. Maintain close liaison with external agencies and departments regarding security measures that impact the NAS.


Tactical Operations Security must:

a. Staff and manage the Domestic Events Network (DEN).

b. Maintain a close liaison with homeland security/national defense at operational decision making levels.

c. Implement national security measures on a tactical dynamic basis, taking action to cancel or modify when appropriate.

d. Monitor and analyze active security measures, optimizing timely coordination to ensure minimal impact to the NAS.

e. Be the focal point for regulating daily security measures.

f. Recommend and approve alternative security measures when national initiatives are not appropriate or sufficient.

g. Be the final approving authority regarding all real-time security determinations regarding operations within the NAS.

h. Review operational security deficiencies (QARs, pilot deviations and external/internal complaints) and provide recommendations to the Director, System Operations Security.

i. Be responsible for the daily management of Presidential airspace security initiatives.


Air Traffic facilities must ensure that:

a. NAS security measures are implemented and briefed to all operational personnel.

b. They are prepared to implement and coordinate known security measures. This is to include maintaining a listening watch of the Domestic Events Network when it is known that a facility is needed on the network.

c. Coordination and communication of operational impacts and considerations during security events is accomplished in a dynamic fashion.

d. All violators of NAS security programs are tracked and identified when possible.

e. Appropriate action is taken regarding identified violators.

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