TAMR’s Phased Approach to Implementation

Because of the size and complexity of this modernization effort, the TAMR Program is modernizing the automation systems in phases. Phases I and II were completed in 2004 and 2009, respectively, and Phase III is currently underway.

Phases and Segments of TAMR

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TAMR's Phased Approach to Implementation

TAMR Phases I and II

  • Phase I replaced the automated radar processing and display systems with the STARS system at 47 Terminal Radar Approach Control facilities, or TRACONS, and their associated air traffic control towers. They are currently undergoing technology refresh.
  • Phase II upgraded four additional TRACONs with STARS and modernized the Common Automated Radar Terminal System (CARTS) at four more large TRACONs, which will be upgraded to STARS in Phase III.


In Phase III, TAMR is replacing the remaining 100+ automation systems with STARS to support the increasing demand for air traffic services. Phase III is occurring in two segments, which are currently underway. The segments are defined by the type of automation systems being replaced by STARS.  Segment 1 is replacing the ARTS IIIEs at 11 of the largest TRACONS, and Segment 2 is replacing the ARTS IIEs and ARTS IEs at the remaining sites.

Segment 1 will modernize 11 of the largest TRACONs

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ARTS IIIE sites transitioning to STARS in Segment 1. Image: FAA

Segment 2 will modernize the remaining facilities

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ARTS IIE and IE sites transitioning to STARS in Segment 2. Image: FAA

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