(Archived papers are based on DO-178B and have not been revised since publication of DO-178C)
CAST Number Title
CAST 1 (PDF) Guidance for Assessing the Software Aspects of Product Service History of Airborne Systems and Equipment
CAST 2 (PDF) Guidelines for Assessing Software Partitioning/Protection Schemes
CAST 3 (PDF) Guidelines for Assuring the Software Aspects of Certification When Replacing Obsolete Electronic Parts Used in Airborne Systems and Equipment
CAST 4 Cancelled
CAST 5 (PDF) Guidelines for Proposing Alternate Means of Compliance to DO-178B
CAST 6 (PDF) Rationale for Accepting Masking MC/DC in Certification Projects
CAST 7 (PDF) Open Problem Report (OPR) Management for Certification
CAST 8 (PDF) Use of the C++ Programming Language
CAST 9 (PDF) Considerations for Evaluating Safety Engineering Approaches to Software Assurance
CAST 10 (PDF) What is a “Decision” in Application of Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC) and Decision Coverage (DC)?
CAST 11 Superceded by CAST 11A
CAST 11A (PDF) Criteria for Assuring Continuous and Complete Software Verification Processes
CAST 12 (PDF) Guidelines for Approving Source Code to Object Code Traceability
CAST 13 (PDF) Automatic Code Generation Tools Development Assurance
CAST 14 Cancelled
CAST 15 (PDF) Merging High-Level and Low-Level Requirements
CAST 16 (PDF) Databus Evaluation Criteria

Structural Coverage of Object Code

CAST 18 (PDF) Reverse Engineering in Certification Projects
CAST 19 (PDF) Clarification of Structural Coverage Analyses of Data Coupling and Control Coupling
CAST 20 (PDF) Addressing Cache in Airborne Systems and Equipment
CAST 21 (PDF) Compiler-Supplied Libraries
CAST 22 (PDF) Reuse of Software Tool Qualification Data Across Company Boundaries
CAST 23 (PDF) Software Part Numbering
(In Revision)
Reliance on Development Assurance Alone when Performing a Complex and Full-Time Critical Function
CAST 25 (PDF) Considerations When Using a Qualifiable Development Environment (QDE) in Certification Projects
CAST 26 (PDF) Verification Independence