Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Metallurgy

Dr. Terry Khaled has over 40 years experience in metallurgical engineering, mechanical design, project management, and research and development. Dr. Khaled has worked with all types of metallic materials used in airframe and engine applications. He supports certification, operation and accident/incident and nonconforming hardware investigations. In addition, he provides technical advice to domestic and foreign government agencies, industry, and academia.

Before joining the FAA in 1996, Dr. Khaled was a research associate for the University of Southern California at Los Angeles, materials engineer for Ford Aerospace, design and sustaining group head for Hughes Aircraft, engineering specialist for AiResearch Manufacturing, and senior engineering specialist for Rockwell International. His work, both at the university and at these companies, supported the U.S. space shuttle and development of several military and commercial aircraft and products.

Dr. Khaled has received numerous industry and government awards.

Member, professional organizations and societies:
  • American Society for Materials (ASM)
  • The Metallurgical Society (TMS)
  • National Society for Corrosion Engineers (NACE)
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
  • Sigma Xi Honorary Research Society
Academic achievements:
  • MS and Ph.D. in Materials Science, both from the University of Southern California at Los Angeles
  • BS in Metallurgical Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt