Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Aeronautical Communications

Mr. Thomas Kraft has over 21 years experience as a systems engineer applying digital and communication technologies to avionics and air traffic management. Before coming to the FAA, Mr. Kraft:

  • worked for the Boeing Company on B737, B757, and B767 projects.
  • worked on various aircraft systems including, automatic flight control, thrust management, flight management and navigation, and digital communication.
  • worked to develop standards for aircraft certification, such as RTCA DO-178B, RTCA DO-264-/ED-78A, and SAE ARP4754.
  • worked in aeronautical communications to enhance air traffic management in the National Airspace System and in domestic, oceanic, and remote applications worldwide.
  • contributed significantly to establishment of FAA policies on regulation and certification of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management technology.
  • was instrumental in certification of the Future Air Navigation System on the B747-400, B757, B767, and Airbus A330/340 aircraft.

Mr. Kraft has published numerous technical papers, and delivered papers to national and international audiences at various technical symposiums, such as the International Civil Aviation Organization, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and the FAA. He also has received numerous awards for special achievements.

Member, professional organizations and societies:
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
  • RTCA
Academic achievements:
  • MS in Technical Communication from the University of Washington
  • BSEE in Control Theory and Communication from the University of Cincinnati