Metallurgy is the science of metallic materials. It is a discipline within the broader field of Material Science. Metallurgy deals with production of metallic components used in our everyday life. This covers the extraction of metals from their ores, alloy production and fabrication into the useful shapes and components we recognize.

Metallurgists are called upon to support component design, procurement and manufacturing, and to contribute to failure analysis, when said components fail to perform their intended functions. Apart from metallic materials, metallurgists of the old school have a working knowledge of ceramics, semiconductors and coating systems.

The CSTA-Metallurgy supports certification, operation and accident/incident and nonconforming hardware investigations. In addition, the CSTA-Metallurgy contributes to workforce education and research, and provides technical advice to domestic and foreign government agencies, industry and academia.

Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor – Tarek Khaled, PhD