Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Vulnerability Discovery and Safety Measurement Programs

Mr. Pardee has been with the FAA for over 30 years and has held numerous positions within the Aviation Safety (AVS) Line of Business. He began his career as a Branch Manager in the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) Engine Certification Office (ECO), where he went on to become the ECO Manager and eventually the Assistant Manager for the Engine and Propeller Directorate. Mr. Pardee became the Directorate Manager in 1994. In 2006, Mr. Pardee accepted the position as the Safety Integrated Product Team Director, in support of the Joint Planning and Development Office (JPDO). Then in 2007, he agreed to support AVS by establishing the Aviation Safety Analytical Services (ASA) organization, which eventually became the Office of Accident Investigation and Prevention (AVP), where he most recently served as Director. In his current position with the FAA, Mr. Pardee advises government and industry on collaborative data-driven safety enhancement development and implementation. He is also an expert in the field of safety information systems using voluntarily supplied and publicly available safety information systems capable of vulnerability discovery and system safety indicator monitoring.

Industry and government awards:
  • 2008 - Collier Trophy, as part of the "Commercial Aviation Safety Team" (CAST), for achieving an unprecedented safety level in U.S. commercial airline operations by reducing risk of a fatal airline accident by 83 percent, resulting in two consecutive years of no commercial scheduled airline fatalities."
  • 2001 - Flight Safety Foundation President's Citation for Outstanding Achievement in Safety Leadership
  • 2000 - Award for contributions and leadership of the Certification Process Improvement Team
  • 1999 - FAA Administrator's Certificate of Accomplishment for Leadership of the Safer Skies Initiative for Commercial Aviation
Academic achievement:
  • B.S., Aerospace Engineering, Parks College of Aeronautical Technology