Senior Technical Specialist for Aviation Fuels and Lubricants

Mark Rumizen is the FAA's technical and regulatory focal point for all issues relating to aviation fuels and propulsion lubricants. He serves as the FAA's representative on key industry committees and organizations and provides technical and regulatory guidance to both FAA and industry organizations. He supports all aspects of the FAA's oversight of this critical element of aviation safety, including resolution of continued airworthiness issues, development of regulatory policy and guidance, and support of FAA and industry qualification, certification and research and development activities. Mark developed innovative FAA policy for aviation fuels to complement the industry's advances in this area, and he has made crucial contributions to FAA service problem investigations related to aviation fuels and propulsion lubricants. He has published several articles and papers on aviation fuels, and participates in industry conferences and frequently leads industry panels at those conferences.

Prior to the FAA, Mark was employed by GE Aircraft Engines and Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in engineering and marketing roles.

Member, professional organizations and societies

  • FAA's 2008 Office of Environment and Policy's Award for Technical Excellence
  • ASTM Award of Excellence (Dec 2009)
  • Department of Transportation's 2010 Sustainability Achievement Award
  • FAA Administrator's Personal Commendation (Dec 2010)
  • CAAFI Leadership Award (Nov 2011)

Roles in the General Aviation Community
  • Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) Steering Committee
  • ASTM International Aviation Fuels Subcommittee
  • Coordinating Research Council (CRC) Aviation Fuels Steering Committee
  • SAE International Committee E-34, Propulsion Lubricants

Academic Achievement
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Buffalo
  • MBA, Boston University
  • Chemistry of Fuels Certificate Program, Pennsylvania State University