Vulnerability Discovery and Safety Measurement programs is a highly specialized discipline involving expertise in Government and Industry collaborative data-driven safety enhancement development and implementation and in the field of safety information systems using voluntarily supplied and publicly available safety information systems capable of vulnerability discovery and system safety indicator monitoring. This discipline provides leadership and direction for such programs as the Commercial Aviation Safety Team (CAST), the Aviation Safety Information, Analysis and Sharing (ASIAS). It also involves the interaction of these two programs, while taking into account the safety needs of the diverse operational segments of the aviation system.

The incumbent assists and advises the Director, Accident Investigation and Prevention, the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, other government bodies, professional and academic organizations, industry and individuals on national and international issues in specialized discipline of collaborative, data-driven government/industry safety programs based on causal analysis and vulnerability discovery, and on the integration of forensic and prognostic capabilities and safety management systems (SMS).

Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor – Unassigned