The FAA Office of Aviation Safety (AVS) has two Chief Scientific and Technical Advisors (CSTAs) in human factors and several Human Factors Specialists in the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR), Flight Standards Service (AFS), and Office of Aviation Medicine (AAM).

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Chief Scientific and Technical Advisors (CSTAs)
Kathy H. Abbott, PhD,
CSTA for Flight Deck Human Factors
National Headquarters
(202) 267-7192
Bill Johnson, PhD,
CSTA for Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance Systems
Southern Region Office
(404) 305-6118
Human Factors Specialists in Aircraft Certification (AIR)
Paul Bernado
Transport Airplane Directorate
(425) 227-1209
Regina Bolinger
Atlanta Aircraft Certification Office
(404) 474-5562
Jason Brys
Miltary Certification Office (MCO)
(316) 350-1584
Clark Davenport
Rotorcraft Directorate
(817) 222-5151
Loran Haworth
Transport Airplane Directorate
(425) 227-1133
Christy Helgeson
Renton Aircraft Certification Office
(425) 917-6528
David Sizoo
Small Airplane Directorate
(816) 329-4158
Cathy Swider
National Headquarters

(202) 385-6459
Human Factors Specialists in Flight Standards (AFS)
Mark Reisweber
Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center
Flight Operations Simulation and Analysis Branch
(405) 954-6962
Terry King
National Headquarters
Flight Operations Branch
(202) 385-4588
Human Factors Specialists and Focal Points in Accident Investigation and Prevention (AVP)
Katherine Lemos, PhD,
National Headquarters

(202) 267-4030

Human Factors Specialists in Aviation Medicine (AAM)

Information about Human Factors Specialists in AAM is available on their webpage, Aerospace Medical and Human Factors Research.

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