8130.2  Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft and Related Products

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Order 8130.2F, Para. 220 (in part) requires the submittal of FAA Form 8130-1 (Part II) as an application for the export of Class II parts. With the regulatory change (parts to "articles"), and with the deletion of the distinction of Classes II & III articles (parts), when will Part II of Form 8130-1 be required? ? Paragraph 220 has been changed with Change 5 to Order 8130.2. Although the order no longer requires completion of the form for other than aircraft, Part II of the form might be useful to transmit information necessary to complete an export airworthiness approval tag (FAA Form 8130-3). Use of the form for that purpose would be optional. If in the future it becomes evident that Part II of the form is rarely used for that purpose, the form may be revised to remove Part II. The form itself also may be revised as part of Revision G to Order 8130.2, scheduled for completion in August 2010.

8130.21  Procedures for Completion and Use of the Authorized Release Certificate, FAA Form 8130-3, Airworthiness Approval Tag

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Will block 13 on FAA Form 8130-3 require specific language be documented to meet the new rule (Order 8130.21)? No. Block 13 is the remarks block and may contain any relevant information.
With the deletion in part 21 and Order 8130.21 of the distinction of Class II & III parts, what experience criteria will be required for the export of any articles (parts)? FAA Order 8100.8C, Change 6 (which is effective April 14, 2010) provides new function code descriptions and experience requirements that reflect the changes resulting from the part 21 rule change.
Will DARs be able to issue 8130-3 tags at distributor facilities as defined in appendix B? Yes. DARs will continue to be permitted to issue the 8130-3 tags at distributors as allowed by their individual function codes. These function codes will define the locations at which they are authorized to perform their functions.
Where a bulk shipment is described by a single paper 8130-3 tag, can a distributor split that bulk shipment without issuing a supplemental 8130-3? Yes. FAA Order 8130.21G (effective April 14, 2010) includes procedures for splitting shipments of products or articles using copies of the original FAA Form 8130-3 (See para. 2-7c of the Order). This language is unchanged from the previous revision to the order.

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