Following is a list of FAA Advisory Circulars (ACs) affected by the final rule, Production and Airworthiness Approvals, Part Marking, and Miscellaneous Amendments.  When we revise an affected AC, we will update this list to include the document issue date and a link to the document in the FAA Regulatory and Guidance Library (RGL).

AC Title Date OPR
20-62 Eligibility, Quality, & Identification of Aeronautical Replacement Parts 12/23/2010 AFS-300
20-142 Eligibility and Evaluation of U.S. Military Surplus Flight Safety Aircraft Parts, Engines, Propellers 04/10/2010 AFS-300
21-2 Export Airworthiness Approval Procedures 1/29/2010 AIR-200
21-9 Manufacturers Reporting Failures, Malfunctions, or Defects 08/12/2010 AIR-200
21-19 Installation of Used Aircraft Engines in New Production Aircraft 01/29/2010


21-24 Extending a Production Certificate to a Facility Located in a Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement Country 08/06/2010 AIR-200
21-26 Quality System for the Manufacture of Composite Structures 07/23/2010 AIR-200
21-29 Detecting and Reporting Suspected Unapproved Parts 08/17/2011 AFS-300
21-31 Quality System for the Manufacture of Non-Metallic Compartment Interior Components 08/31/2010 AIR-200
21-32 Control of Products and Parts Shipped Prior to Type Certificate Issuance 08/31/2010 AIR-200
21-40 Guide for Obtaining a Supplemental Type Certificate AIR-100
21-42 Transition Document for 14 CFR Parts 1, 21, 43, and 45 10/16/2009 AIR-200
21-43 Production Under 14 CFR Part 21, Subparts F, G, K, and O 10/16/2009 AIR-200
21-44 Issuance of Export Airworthiness Approvals Under 14 CFR Part 21 Subpart L 10/16/2009 AIR-200
21-45 Commercial Parts 09/29/2010 AIR-100
21-51 Applicant's Showing of Compliance and Certifying Statement of Compliance 09/29/2011 AIR-100
43-18 Fabrication of Aircraft Parts by Maintenance Personnel AFS-300
45-2 Identification and Registration Marking 10/16/2009 AIR-200
45-3 Installation, Removal, or Change of Identification Data and Identification Plates on Aircraft Engines 08/03/2010 AIR-200