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Changes to AC 27-1B Sections, Group 2

Summary of Changes (PDF)
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Section # Title of Section Description of Primary Changes
27.865B (PDF) External loads Revised AC to change or add guidance material associated with personnel carrying device systems (PCDS), human external cargo (HEC) operations, design /operational features for HEC quick release systems (QRS), RFM procedures for HEC operations, structural fatigue consideration, and HIRF consideration of QRS.
27.1321 (PDF) Arrangement and Visibility Revised guidance material to add primary and secondary field of view descriptions.
27 MG 1 (PDF) Avionics Equipment Revised guidance material to replace existing Omega/Omega-VLF section 18 with new GPS section.
27 MG 16 (PDF) NVIS Revised NVIS guidance material to harmonize with EASA and TCCA.
27 MG 19 (PDF) MG EDS (changed from EFIS) New MG material on EDS cockpit integration.
27 MG 20 (PDF) Human Factors New MG material on Human Factors (Pilot work load/fatigue associated with single pilot operations using integrated flight display systems).
27 MG 21 (PDF) Generic FHA New MG material to provide generic FHA examples for various rotorcraft systems.
27 APPENDIX B (PDF) Airworthiness Criteria for Helicopter Instrument Flight.

Flight and Navigation Instruments
Revised AC to change or add guidance material associated with AFCS malfunction - pilot recognition and response time (IFR/VFR), hard over recovery, and flight below Vmini.

Revised guidance material to define attitude and directional indicator instrument usable pitch markings.

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