During the TAAM analyses the FAA identified a series of TAAM experiments, which are not needed for the environmental impact analyses; but which allow the FAA to plot Demand/Delay curves.

 The Demand/Delay curves are essential tools for alternatives evaluation which are needed to be used in a variety of applications including:

  1. Screening the various alternatives in the ongoing EIS alternatives evaluation,

  2. Comparing all reasonable alternatives at all demand levels (recognizing that the no action alternative might not be modeled at all levels), and

  3. Evaluating the potential effects on the operational characteristics of an O'Hare airfield configuration given a demand profile.

 These experiments are based on assumptions which have already been reviewed, modified and concurred with by the FAA, and only differ in demand level from those already conducted as part of the EIS.

 The web links below contain the information and data developed as part of these TAAM experiments.


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