NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: September 15, 2016

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AAL NONE AK BIG LAKE EAGLES ROOST AA10 50068.71*A PR PR 61-31-52.0700N 149-42-03.3800 330 Addition
AAL NONE AK TALKEETNA BUSCH CREEK AA09 50739.1*A PR PR 62-28-39.0000N 147-46-29.0000 3984 Addition
ACE NONE IA CRESCENT KELLEY IA32 05934.*A PR PR 41-21-26.9100N 095-50-54.4200 1129 Addition
ACE NONE KS MINNEOLA KRAEMER AIRFIELD 04KS 06776.3*A PR PR 37-23-54.7694N 100-02-13.5391 2551 Addition
ACE NONE MO LYNCHBURG SNOUFFER FIELD 78MO 11878.*A PR PR 37-27-23.6050N 092-24-14.8700 1204 Addition
ACE NONE NE ANSELMO WERNER RANCH AIRFIELD NE36 12602.*A PR PR 41-32-57.3000N 100-02-56.2800 2838 Addition
AEA DCA VA DANVILLE CENTRA DANVILLE MEDICAL CENTER 5VA9 25725.2*H PR PR 36-35-04.0000N 079-25-53.0000 490 Addition
AEA DCA VA SMITHFIELD ISLE OF WIGHT VOLUNTEER RESCUE SQUAD VA90 26006.1*H PU PR 36-57-40.2000N 076-38-04.0000 38 Addition
AEA NYC PA LITITZ HEART OF LANCASTER RGNL MEDICAL CENTER 3PA1 20785.02*H PR PR 40-07-58.9000N 076-18-38.8000 419 Addition
AGL CHI IN FORTVILLE WHYBREW FLD 08IN 05283.2*A PR PR 39-54-59.9900N 085-50-49.5900 858 Addition
AGL NONE IL HUNTLEY CENTEGRA HOSPITAL-HUNTLEY IL74 04758.95*H PR PR 42-10-38.7700N 088-23-56.2000 892 Addition
AGL NONE IL MAZON HARFORD IL97 04859.1*A PR PR 41-16-25.2600N 088-26-39.0900 584 Addition
AGL NONE MI OAKLAND LAWLER HELIPORT 0MI1 10273.12*H PR PR 42-44-56.6500N 083-07-13.4700 940 Addition
AGL NONE OH CINCINNATI MERCY ANDERSON HELIPORT OH37 17733.3*H PR PR 39-05-07.8000N 084-21-00.7100 817 Addition
AGL NONE WI TWO RIVERS GOINS 99WI 27640.*A PR PR 44-10-45.0000N 087-37-53.0000 660 Addition
ANM NONE ID MERIDIAN ASHLEY 77ID 00454.01*A PR PR 43-31-28.0000N 116-24-25.0000 2713 Addition
ANM NONE ID OLDTOWN SHEPARD STRIP 07ID 04277.9*A PR PR 48-08-57.1560N 116-59-52.8480 2313 Addition
ANM NONE MT HELENA NISTLER STRIP 30MT 12401.7*A PR PR 46-34-15.3400N 112-14-16.5900 4753 Addition
ASO ATL GA HAMPTON HENRY COUNTY AIRPORT HMP 03825.52*A PU PU 33-23-23.6600N 084-19-51.7200 882 Addition
ASO JAN AL GUNTERSVILLE MARSHALL MEDICAL CENTER NORTH 5AL0 00360.1*H PR PR 34-21-54.6200N 086-25-22.7100 1024 Addition
ASO MEM NC PINK HILL PINK HILL NR10 17016.9*A PR PR 35-03-02.5890N 077-44-09.9130 144 Addition
ASO NONE AL HAMILTON NORTH MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER-HAMILTON 9AL8 00366.3*H PR PR 34-07-37.9000N 087-59-27.0000 441 Addition
ASO NONE AL SHORTER MOSSLAND WILDFLIFE FARMS 9AL7 00516.1*H PR PR 32-21-55.0000N 085-48-43.0000 287 Addition
ASO NONE AL WOODLAND WOODLAND CLINIC 8AL8 00598.*H PR PR 33-22-22.9400N 085-23-48.4200 1119 Addition
ASO NONE FL ORLANDO LAKE WILLIS 92FL 03408.1*H PR PR 28-23-39.7200N 081-28-34.6900 108 Addition
ASO NONE KY WARSAW STEELE'S BOTTOM 4KT4 07383.*A PR PR 38-49-35.3400N 084-49-01.0400 495 Addition
ASO NONE MS BOLTON FREEBIRD 7MS7 11150.*A PR PR 32-22-25.7700N 090-26-13.0200 242 Addition
ASO NONE NC BRYSON CITY TSALI EMERGENCY HELIPORT 99NR 16569.2*H PR PR 35-23-28.0000N 083-35-05.0000 2102 Addition
ASO NONE NC GASTONIA CAROMONT RMC NR80 16739.2*H PR PR 35-16-26.6000N 081-08-21.1000 789 Addition
ASO NONE NC HAMPTONVILLE HAMPTONVILLE 75NR 16766.9*A PR PR 36-05-31.2500N 080-47-20.3100 1028 Addition
ASO NONE NC NEW HILL HARRIS NUCLEAR PLANT 22NR 16973.*H PR PR 35-38-15.0550N 078-57-34.4405 265 Addition
ASO NONE NC RAEFORD RAEFORD WEST NR20 17030.2*A PR PR 35-01-50.0000N 079-14-12.0000 280 Addition
ASO NONE TN BRISTOL CRUMLEY FIELD 1TN9 22884.1*A PR PR 36-30-13.7400N 082-10-54.4400 1565 Addition
ASW LNM LA SPRINGHILL MUDDY BOTTOMS LA94 07745.2*H PR PR 32-56-29.4000N 093-29-57.3200 238 Addition
ASW TEX TX HOUSTON NORTH POST OAK 0TE3 24073.2*H PR PR 29-47-45.3300N 095-27-32.1500 68 Addition
ASW TEX TX LOCKNEY BFS TE70 24231.2*A PR PR 34-07-53.4900N 101-25-22.2600 3268 Addition
ASW TEX TX STERLING CITY ALVIE COLE RANCH TS95 24851.1*A PR PR 31-38-37.0000N 100-58-10.3000 2444 Addition
ASW TEX TX WARRENTON DOUBLE D FARMS 7TE1 24984.3*A PR PR 29-59-56.3000N 096-45-40.1000 485 Addition
AWP NONE AZ ELOY ELOY FARMS AIRSTRIP EE0 00672.5*A PR PR 32-41-22.2100N 111-32-57.5500 1555 Addition
AWP NONE AZ PHOENIX BANNER ESTRELLA MEDICA CENTER BE1 00751.57*H PR PR 33-28-44.5000N 112-15-24.4000 1037 Addition
AWP PHX AZ GILA BEND WILLIAMS AUXILIARY AIRFIELD 6 GAX 00688.*A PR PR 32-53-06.9000N 112-48-58.7000 806 Addition
ACE NONE NE OMAHA JUBILEE NE28 12854.01*H PR PR 41-21-24.9890N 096-02-56.0570 1220 Deletion
AEA HAR PA MC KEAN WAISLEY 38PN 20804.12*A PR PR 42-00-00.1990N 080-09-59.2080 950 Deletion
AEA HAR PA NORTH WASHINGTON TOWER AIRFIELD 6PA1 21081.*U PR PR 40-30-37.2390N 079-34-47.1570 1300 Deletion
AEA HAR PA PHILIPSBURG REICHDRILL 20PA 21231.01*H PR PR 40-54-13.2070N 078-13-46.0480 1419 Deletion
AEA HAR PA SCHWENKSVILLE KINGS 30PA 21420.3*A PR PR 40-16-04.3680N 075-26-11.6350 290 Deletion
AEA HAR PA VANDERGRIFT KISKI 85PN 21649.1*A PU PR 40-34-45.2370N 079-36-19.1620 1280 Deletion
AEA NYC NY BERGEN ELY AIR PARK 24NY 14895.*A PR PR 43-04-00.2190N 077-57-32.0420 690 Deletion
AEA NYC NY SPRINGVILLE CISZAK 35NY 16242.1*A PR PR 42-30-45.2210N 078-44-07.1010 1397 Deletion
AEA NYC NY SYRACUSE SUNY HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER 3NY8 16267.5*H PU PR 43-02-31.2390N 076-08-25.7260 452 Deletion
AGL CHI IN ARCADIA SKYRIDGE IN27 05094.91*A PR PR 40-10-45.1330N 086-06-56.9610 895 Deletion
AGL CHI IN HUNTINGTON BECK PVT II14 05365.1*A PR PR 40-57-40.1630N 085-33-44.9240 840 Deletion
AGL CHI IN WEST LAFAYETTE DAHNKE 51IN 05752.56*A PR PR 40-29-34.1240N 086-54-20.0390 670 Deletion
AGL CHI WI POUND FRIEVALT WS11 27496.6*A PR PR 45-06-00.9370N 088-08-00.3690 830 Deletion
AGL DET MI MILAN LASZLO MI39 10094.01*A PR PR 42-04-30.1540N 083-36-29.7730 675 Deletion
AGL DET OH AKRON OLD PORTAGE 4P2 17521.6*H PR PU 41-08-16.2000N 081-32-56.9240 760 Deletion
AGL DET OH AKRON SCHMELTZER 6D5 17521.5*H PR PU 41-08-50.1970N 081-39-37.4490 992 Deletion
AGL DET OH AVON JOHNSONS FLD 5OH6 17564.2*A PR PR 41-25-55.1600N 081-58-29.5090 700 Deletion
AGL DET OH MANTUA MILLS 7E3 18158.*A PR PU 41-14-18.2000N 081-15-13.8000 1140 Deletion
ANM DEN CO BENNETT GREGGS NR 1 0CO3 02518.34*A PR PR 39-53-21.9440N 104-32-41.8610 5373 Deletion
ANM DEN CO BROOMFIELD CIRINO CO26 02527.5*H PR PR 39-53-24.9480N 105-05-15.9410 5380 Deletion
ANM DEN CO BYERS EAST MOORE FIELD 8CO4 02531.4*A PR PR 39-40-13.9300N 104-08-09.8500 5250 Deletion
ANM DEN CO CRAIG MESA VIEW RANCH 5CO7 02548.*A PR PR 40-46-29.8860N 107-32-02.2360 6978 Deletion
ANM DEN CO LA JUNTA WINE GLASS INTL 6CO3 02651.01*A PR PR 37-38-11.0490N 103-39-27.8130 4708 Deletion
ANM DEN CO WIGGINS VALLERY 89CO 02758.77*A PR PR 40-14-19.9000N 103-59-31.8000 4480 Deletion
ANM DEN WY BILL IBERLIN RANCH NR 3 WY02 27741.42*A PR PR 43-11-29.8850N 104-56-16.8870 4400 Deletion
ANM DEN WY ROCK SPRINGS RED CREEK RANCH WY41 27878.01*A PR PR 41-04-00.0000N 109-05-22.0000 7050 Deletion
ASO ATL GA ATLANTA ATLANTA SOUTH RGNL 4A7 03825.52*A PU PU 33-23-23.6600N 084-19-51.7200 882 Deletion
ASO JAN MS GREENVILLE COUNTRY CLUB MS15 11240.1*A PR PR 33-19-52.4230N 091-02-13.3800 117 Deletion
ASO JAN MS SWAN LAKE FLAUTT MS38 11446.5*A PR PR 33-52-20.4120N 090-17-00.3180 145 Deletion
ASO MEM MS OLIVE BRANCH DOUBLE O RANCH MS00 11368.62*A PR PR 34-59-20.0000N 089-54-55.0000 385 Deletion
ASO MEM NC PINK HILL PINK HILL 4W9 17016.9*A PU PR 35-03-02.5890N 077-44-09.9130 144 Deletion
ASO ORL FL FORT WALTON BEACH HOLLEY NOLF NKL 03202.61*A MN PR 30-25-30.7140N 086-53-37.8590 39 Deletion
ASO ORL FL JAY GOLDEN HARVEST FLYING SVC INC FL06 03258.6*A PR PR 30-54-10.6640N 087-02-37.8790 255 Deletion
ASO ORL FL WINTER HAVEN LEGOLAND FLORIDA FA31 03570.4*H PR PR 27-59-23.0000N 081-41-35.0000 151 Deletion
ASW AOK AR CABOT RALPH FULMER FIELD AR54 00909.*A PR PR 34-55-07.3190N 091-54-54.5070 245 Deletion
ASW AOK AR CADDO GAP WILLIAMS RANCH 4AR6 00910.*A PR PR 34-22-45.3600N 093-38-15.6820 750 Deletion
ASW AOK AR DEER TAYLOR'S AIR STRIP 0AR3 00940.3*A PR PR 35-53-56.2840N 093-15-39.6410 2160 Deletion
ASW AOK AR LITTLE ROCK PUNKIN PATCH FIELD 0AR1 01056.12*A PR PR 34-38-12.8400N 092-13-05.0200 224 Deletion
ASW AOK AR WYNNE HESS STRIP AR50 01211.*A PR PR 35-16-00.3130N 090-59-00.4280 180 Deletion
ASW AOK OK BROKEN ARROW SILVERWOOD OK88 18837.11*U PR PR 36-00-36.3550N 095-50-36.9580 632 Deletion
ASW AOK OK EDMOND EDMOND 0OK0 18941.3*A PR PR 35-41-00.1950N 097-26-01.1390 1169 Deletion
ASW TEX TX BERGHEIM GROSSER 63TX 23431.28*A PR PR 29-46-30.7940N 098-34-41.0760 1354 Deletion
ASW TEX TX SAN PATRICIO SAN PATRICIO INTL 68TX 24736.01*A PR PR 27-58-51.0580N 097-47-12.9920 50 Deletion
AWP HNL HI KAILUA/KONA KAUPULEHU 00HI 52250.1*H PR PR 19-49-57.0440N 155-58-53.9710 43 Deletion
AWP LAX CA CULVER CITY PLAYA VISTA 2 7CL6 01473.2*H PR PR 33-58-47.0000N 118-24-28.0000 13 Deletion
AWP LAX CA IVANPAH HART MINE 9CL4 01699.*A PR PR 35-16-59.9640N 115-11-32.9430 4620 Deletion
AWP PHX NV HENDERSON CAR COUNTRY NV10 13073.01*H PR PR 35-59-16.9220N 114-55-32.9590 2300 Deletion
AWP PHX NV LAS VEGAS VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER NV62 13082.23*H PR PR 36-09-46.3500N 115-10-03.8500 2057 Deletion
AWP SFO CA SAN RAMON LITTLE HANDS 59CA 02224.*A PR PR 37-48-11.7360N 122-01-43.8620 1008 Deletion
AWP LAX CA LA JOLLA UCSD JACOBS MEDICAL CENTER ROOFTOP HELIPOR 93CN 01737.1*H PR PR 32-52-39.5000N 117-13-35.6000 538 Addition

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports (