NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: July 21, 2016

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AAL NONE AK ANCHORAGE ANCHORAGE LOFTS HOTEL HELIPORT 99AA 50033.24*H PR PR 61-13-08.0600N 149-53-11.3300 123 Addition
AAL NONE AK FAREWELL FAREWELL 0AA4 50222.*A PU PR 62-30-32.8000N 153-53-25.0200 1535 Addition
AAL NONE AK PALMER ELK RANCH 9AA1 50585.2*A PR PR 61-40-55.3100N 149-17-26.6500 800 Addition
AAL NONE AK YAKATAGA YAKATAGA 0AA1 50916.*A PU PR 60-04-51.0550N 142-29-43.7800 16 Addition
ACE NONE KS QUINTER JAMISON FIELD 23JY 06857.10*A PR PR 38-59-44.9400N 100-13-24.3800 2548 Addition
ACE NONE NE FRANKLIN CENTER CREEK FIELD NE12 12714.03*A PR PR 40-05-54.5800N 098-58-39.8200 1870 Addition
AEA BKW WV GERRARDSTOWN TAYLORS WV68 26640.1*A PR PR 39-21-19.9200N 078-04-44.5500 650 Addition
AEA DCA VA HOT SPRINGS BATH COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 47VG 25830.1*H PR PR 37-59-36.1300N 079-49-54.6800 2365 Addition
AEA DCA VA UNION HALL BRAMMER 9VA7 26035.5*C PR PR 37-02-00.5130N 079-41-59.1080 795 Addition
AEA NONE PA FRIENDSVILLE J P REILLY 59PA 20426.1*A PR PR 41-54-10.1900N 075-59-21.0700 1650 Addition
AEA NYC NY SLATE HILL BUMBLEBEE 9NY0 16191.2*H PR PR 41-23-30.2800N 074-28-20.2000 494 Addition
AGL CHI IN NINEVEH HIMSEL AAF HBE 05535.*A MR PR 39-20-30.1820N 086-01-49.9740 710 Addition
AGL NONE MI ALBA AIR PARK NORTH 24MI 09506.1*A PR PR 44-57-28.9400N 084-57-32.0700 1170 Addition
AGL NONE MN MONTICELLO CENTRACARE HEALTH MN93 10834.2*H PR PR 45-18-07.3660N 093-46-05.4400 936 Addition
AGL NONE WI EDGERTON TRU FIELD WI99 27174.1*A PR PR 42-53-07.5500N 089-07-17.8250 870 Addition
ANM DEN WY LARAMIE ROCK & A HARD PLACE RANCH WY61 27833.19*A PR PR 41-17-05.0000N 105-30-40.5000 7566 Addition
ASO ATL GA CHICKAMAUGA TWIN FORKS GA77 03717.*A PR PR 34-52-19.5000N 085-15-01.3000 780 Addition
ASO JAN MS HERNANDO DESOTO COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE 3MS2 01128.2*H PR PR 34-48-28.0100N 089-58-52.6800 370 Addition
ASO MEM KY RICHMOND CENTRAL KENTUCKY RGNL RGA 07350.*A PU PU 37-37-53.5189N 084-19-56.7855 1002 Addition
ASO NONE FL HOMOSASSA PERRYDISE FA27 03244.*H PR PR 28-45-36.7100N 082-37-43.6400 4 Addition
ASW AOK AR MOUNTAIN HOME JOHNSON FIELD 76AR 01104.43*A PR PR 36-20-58.8000N 092-27-02.0000 814 Addition
ASW LNM LA COLFAX KEYSTONE FARMS LA17 07475.8*A PR PR 31-28-55.8600N 092-39-40.9500 89 Addition
ASW LNM LA ZACHARY LANE REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER 3LA5 07801.2*H PR PR 30-38-50.0000N 091-08-18.0000 88 Addition
ASW TEX TX ALICE CHRISTUS SPOHN HOSPITAL ALICE TA29 23305.02*H PR PR 27-45-54.1065N 098-02-27.2620 176 Addition
ASW TEX TX BALMORHEA GIFFIN RANCH 3XS8 23389.*A PR PR 31-06-00.7300N 103-57-41.0100 3651 Addition
ASW TEX TX BEEVILLE CHRISTUS SPOHN HOSPTIAL BEEVILLE TA36 23421.05*H PR PR 28-24-24.1155N 097-43-51.1125 221 Addition
ASW TEX TX HAMLIN HAMLIN MUNI 16TX 24005.1*A PU PR 32-50-58.8309N 100-08-11.9357 1753 Addition
ASW TEX TX HUTTO NEXT LEVEL AVIATION 59TE 24092.7*H PR PR 30-29-43.0000N 097-31-53.0000 580 Addition
ASW TEX TX KAUFMAN TEXAS HEALTH RESOURCES KAUFMAN XA55 24141.19*H PR PR 32-35-32.6000N 096-19-03.5500 434 Addition
ASW TEX TX KINGSVILLE CHRISTUS SPOHN HOSPITAL KINGSVILLE TA10 24166.1*H PR PR 27-29-21.3710N 097-51-00.8270 55 Addition
ASW TEX TX MASON RED SANDS RANCH 1XS4 24308.18*A PR PR 30-37-59.9200N 099-11-40.7800 1366 Addition
ASW TEX TX SANDIA ITLL DO AIRFIELD 1XS0 24722.9*A PR PR 27-59-26.1300N 097-53-38.8100 153 Addition
ASW TEX TX STERLING CITY ALVIE COLE RANCH TE42 24851.1*A PR PR 31-38-37.0000N 100-58-10.3000 2444 Addition
ASW TEX TX STERLING CITY MC ENTIRE'S LAZY V RANCH 58XS 24851.11*A PR PR 31-49-50.4970N 101-03-21.4030 2360 Addition
ASW TEX TX STERLING CITY WILDCAT 46TE 24851.2*A PR PR 31-50-59.0000N 101-03-36.0000 2385 Addition
ASW TEX TX SUGARLAND CHI ST. LUKES HOSPITAL 42TE 24867.32*H PR PR 29-36-23.3000N 095-37-07.9000 90 Addition
ASW TEX TX WEST COLUMBIA WEST COLUMBIA 50TE 25007.3*H PR PR 29-08-53.0000N 095-38-27.9000 33 Addition
AWP SFO CA ARBUCKLE STRAIN RANCH 55CL 01250.1*A PR PR 39-03-11.0000N 122-05-44.0000 123 Addition
AWP SFO CA GRIMES BALSDON 44CL 01635.11*A PR PR 39-02-52.2750N 121-57-01.4000 35 Addition
AAL NONE AK FAREWELL FAREWELL FWL 50222.*A PU PU 62-30-32.8000N 153-53-25.0200 1535 Deletion
AAL NONE AK YAKATAGA YAKATAGA CYT 50916.*A PU PU 60-04-51.0550N 142-29-43.7800 16 Deletion
ACE NONE IA STRAWBERRY POINT STRAWBERRY POINT MEDICAL CENTER IA43 06360.*H PR PR 42-41-30.9430N 091-31-59.5240 1100 Deletion
AEA DCA MD LUSBY CLNG COVE POINT 1MD0 08591.1*H PR PR 38-23-30.4440N 076-24-28.8200 133 Deletion
AEA HAR NJ FINDERNE NATIONAL STARCH AND CHEMICAL CO NJ91 13724.4*H PR PR 40-33-15.3710N 074-34-43.5640 75 Deletion
AEA HAR NJ FORT MONMOUTH CHARLES WOOD HELIPAD NJ56 13743.51*H MR PR 40-17-44.3990N 074-04-59.5040 46 Deletion
AEA HAR PA MARS PINE 01PA 20858.2*H PR PR 40-39-20.2400N 080-03-03.2090 1215 Deletion
AEA NYC NY ADAMS BUTTERVILLE 7NY2 14770.*A PR PR 43-50-36.1200N 076-05-40.8000 510 Deletion
AEA NYC NY CUBA DEW AIRPARK 36NY 15121.01*A PR PR 42-14-09.2420N 078-12-42.0450 2100 Deletion
AEA NYC NY HAVERSTRAW BOWLINE POINT 5NY8 15391.11*H PR PR 41-12-20.3400N 073-57-50.5010 10 Deletion
AEA NYC NY LOCKPORT BASSETT FIELD 61NY 15587.1*A PR PR 43-10-07.2040N 078-46-56.1270 629 Deletion
AEA NYC NY OSWEGO KINGDOM FIELD 5NK5 15874.5*A PR PR 43-24-31.2400N 076-26-28.7700 380 Deletion
AEA NYC NY ROCHESTER NORCROSS HELIPAD 83NY 16030.31*H PR PR 43-07-25.2240N 077-38-59.0080 530 Deletion
AEA NYC NY STANFORDVILLE CANTAGREE FARM H 7NK5 16247.8*H PR PR 41-51-53.0000N 073-40-46.0000 650 Deletion
AEA NYC NY SYRACUSE SYRACUSE SUBURBAN 6NK 16267.3*A PR PU 43-16-01.6724N 076-10-46.1494 400 Deletion
AEA NYC NY WEST EDMESTON TRI COUNTY AIRWAYS NY53 16403.*A PR PR 42-44-20.2580N 075-18-00.6020 1150 Deletion
AGL CHI IL CHANNAHON AERO FOUR IL58 04494.25*A PR PR 41-26-10.1100N 088-14-55.2270 600 Deletion
AGL CHI IN NINEVEH HIMSEL AAF 11II 05535.*A MR PR 39-20-30.1820N 086-01-49.9740 710 Deletion
AGL DET OH SANDUSKY FIRELANDS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL NR 1 15OI 18474.01*H PR PR 41-26-10.1830N 082-42-39.6580 599 Deletion
AGL DMA MN BEMIDJI TURTLE LAKE MN78 10546.21*C PR PR 47-36-59.8330N 094-52-00.9730 1344 Deletion
AGL DMA MN BIGFORK BOLDUC MN03 10562.1*C PR PR 47-35-51.7730N 093-24-38.6930 1325 Deletion
AGL DMA MN ORONO/LAKE MINNETONKA AMUNDSON 21MN 10882.994*C PR PR 44-55-44.8660N 093-37-02.8510 935 Deletion
ANM DEN UT MOUNT PLEASANT MOUNT PLEASANT 43U 25216.*A PU PU 39-31-35.5550N 111-28-33.9150 5830 Deletion
ASO ATL GA JASPER BIG CANOE 0GA5 03847.12*H PR PR 34-27-17.3300N 084-17-20.7110 1475 Deletion
ASO ATL GA REIDSVILLE TOOTLE GA34 03962.2*A PR PR 32-01-55.7100N 082-02-29.4280 202 Deletion
ASO MEM KY RICHMOND MADISON I39 07350.*A PU PU 37-37-53.5189N 084-19-56.7855 1002 Deletion
ASO MEM KY WINCHESTER FOUNDATION 89KY 07390.32*H PU PR 38-00-00.2830N 084-11-53.7420 1000 Deletion
ASO NONE AL BIRMINGHAM TRINITY MEDICAL CENTER 9AL0 00164.22*H PR PR 33-25-58.3500N 086-42-57.9400 540 Deletion
ASW AOK AR WEST MEMPHIS CRITTENDEN RGNL HOSPITAL 08AR 01206.21*H PR PR 35-08-31.0000N 090-11-24.0000 206 Deletion
ASW AOK OK JENNINGS CIMARRON STRIP 9OK7 19039.71*A PR PR 36-11-05.2440N 096-33-01.0810 920 Deletion
ASW AOK OK MUSKOGEE HATBOX FIELD HAX 19112.*A PU PU 35-44-45.3570N 095-24-45.8950 627 Deletion
ASW LNM LA LEEVILLE STATION 524 LS84 07607.56*H PR PR 29-12-57.8190N 090-12-57.2800 3 Deletion
ASW TEX TX BELLAIRE PRUDENTIAL 44XS 23420.*H PR PR 29-42-30.8280N 095-27-40.7870 140 Deletion
ASW TEX TX BOERNE JOHN HENRY KEY 7TA8 23451.13*A PR PR 29-51-34.7800N 098-44-29.1000 1400 Deletion
ASW TEX TX CYPRESS ACTION NR 2 TS99 23695.02*H PR PR 29-56-07.8030N 095-30-48.7870 151 Deletion
ASW TEX TX ELDORADO CHRISTIAN RANCH 7XS5 23817.02*A PR PR 30-51-37.1200N 100-33-59.8400 2425 Deletion
ASW TEX TX ELMENDORF VALHALLA 55TE 23824.62*A PR PR 29-13-39.3750N 098-20-56.7500 445 Deletion
ASW TEX TX HAMLIN HAMLIN MUNI 14F 24005.1*A PU PU 32-50-58.8309N 100-08-11.9357 1753 Deletion
ASW TEX TX HOUSTON GOODSON HONDA 9XS8 24072.02*H PR PR 30-00-00.0000N 095-25-33.0000 115 Deletion
ASW TEX TX HOUSTON MARINE CONSULTANTS INC 85XS 24067.117*H PR PR 29-42-21.8250N 095-16-26.7680 50 Deletion
ASW TEX TX HOUSTON TOWN & COUNTRY TS81 24067.77*H PR PR 29-47-00.8210N 095-33-20.7960 90 Deletion
ASW TEX TX KAUFMAN TEXAS HEALTH RESOURCES KAUFMAN 2TS5 24141.19*H PR PR 32-35-32.6000N 096-19-03.5500 434 Deletion
ASW TEX TX LYTLE LYTLE AIRPARK 1TX0 24255.*A PR PR 29-15-12.0000N 098-51-40.0000 780 Deletion
ASW TEX TX PEARSALL AGRICULTURAL SUPPLIES XS42 24491.4*A PR PR 28-55-45.8920N 099-04-49.1170 651 Deletion
ASW TEX TX STERLING CITY ALVIE COLE RANCH 64F 24851.1*A PR PU 31-38-37.0000N 100-58-10.3000 2444 Deletion
ASW TEX TX WAXAHACHIE HAVEN FIELD TE72 24986.26*A PR PR 32-19-37.6800N 096-50-24.8400 595 Deletion
AWP LAX CA WASCO BURROUGHS 3CA0 02422.02*H PR PR 35-42-14.8390N 119-22-35.4120 262 Deletion
AWP SFO CA FOLSOM FOLSOM LAKE C39 01574.*C PU PU 38-42-26.0000N 121-08-00.0000 466 Deletion
AWP SFO CA FRESNO VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER 86CA 01590.11*H PU PR 36-44-13.8190N 119-45-13.5140 307 Deletion
AWP SFO CA NAPA LAKE BERRYESSA E20 01932.3*C PU PU 38-35-29.6630N 122-15-33.9120 440 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports (