NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: April 30, 2015

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AAL NONE AK GIRDWOOD ALYESKA RESORT AK42 50270.01*H PR PR 60-58-12.0000N 149-06-05.0000 280 Addition
AAL NONE AK WASILLA GREBE LAKE AK45 50870.09*A PR PR 61-33-33.7500N 149-37-27.4400 250 Addition
ACE NONE IA CORYDON WELLS FIELD 6IA6 05929.23*A PR PR 40-45-24.6000N 093-24-05.4100 1092 Addition
ACE NONE IA IOWA CITY BLACKBERRY RIDGE IA03 06070.2*H PR PR 41-41-36.2400N 091-31-20.5100 713 Addition
ACE NONE IA RIVERSIDE PFEIFER FIELD 8IA8 06290.16*A PR PR 41-27-17.4200N 091-37-02.3200 715 Addition
ACE NONE IA SIOUX CENTER SIOUX CENTER COMMUNITY HOSPITAL IA06 06340.08*H PR PR 43-04-07.5800N 096-09-33.3300 1397 Addition
ACE NONE KS MANHATTAN TRACY 5KS6 06748.19*A PR PR 39-14-05.2800N 096-28-24.9600 1272 Addition
ACE NONE KS SYLVAN GROVE MINNOW CREEK 64KS 06918.13*A PR PR 38-58-35.6100N 098-28-16.0800 1490 Addition
ACE NONE MO BOLIVAR CITIZENS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 8MO8 11553.03*H PR PR 37-37-34.0300N 093-25-14.6400 1604 Addition
ACE NONE MO GOLDEN BEL-VOIR ACRES MO04 11748.5*A PR PR 36-33-42.5300N 093-38-21.3500 1120 Addition
ACE NONE MO LAKE OZARK LAKE OZARK HELICOPTERS MO02 11853.12*H PR PR 38-11-26.0400N 092-38-38.7500 768 Addition
ACE NONE MO LESTERVILLE AMEREN TAUM SAUK MO03 11684.01*H PR PR 37-31-07.7300N 090-50-19.6700 805 Addition
ACE NONE MO SHELL KNOB DISCOVERY BAY AT NORWALK LANDING MO06 12119.4*A PR PR 36-37-20.5600N 093-32-23.7900 1054 Addition
AEA DCA VA CHARLES CITY PILOTS GROVE VA05 25667.17*A PR PR 37-20-19.1600N 077-11-52.1000 34 Addition
AEA DCA VA PURCELLVILLE EGYPT FARMS 4VA0 25957.05*H PR PR 39-02-45.1400N 077-42-29.7600 459 Addition
AEA NONE NJ TOMS RIVER ELIZABETH GROGAN MEMORIAL 3NJ5 14353.5*H PR PR 39-56-54.0800N 074-06-56.7700 5 Addition
AEA NYC NY HOLCOMB CREEKSIDE NY95 15423.*A PR PR 42-54-58.2300N 077-22-56.9570 820 Addition
AGL CHI IN OAKTOWN ED-AIR I20 05548.*A PR PU 38-51-05.3950N 087-29-59.2550 426 Addition
AGL CHI IN SEYMOUR GREEN ACRES IN02 05643.7*A PR PR 38-58-13.0000N 086-00-15.0000 576 Addition
AGL MSP MN EVELETH MATHIEU LANDING MN29 10678.13*C PR PR 47-23-38.6600N 092-29-17.3500 1342 Addition
ANE NONE NH DOVER LEINSING 2ME7 13231.12*H PR PR 43-09-06.5900N 070-50-48.8400 10 Addition
ANE NONE NH PIERMONT OXBOW 55NH 13379.8*H PR PR 44-00-28.9000N 072-05-22.6000 475 Addition
ANM DEN CO AUSTIN GUNNISON RIVER FARMS 2CO5 02517.7*A PR PR 38-47-04.0000N 107-54-13.0000 5200 Addition
ANM NONE CO BYERS HAPPY BUTT 6CO7 02531.8*A PR PR 39-35-45.0000N 104-14-03.0000 5515 Addition
ANM NONE CO FRANKTOWN BUFFALO AIRPORT 7CO3 02614.35*A PR PR 39-18-56.0000N 104-42-44.0000 6948 Addition
ANM NONE CO GATEWAY GATEWAY HELIPAD 7CO1 02616.7*H PR PR 38-40-35.0900N 108-58-42.9600 4575 Addition
ANM NONE CO LA GARITA LA GARITA CREEK RANCH 5CO6 02558.12*A PR PR 37-48-41.5900N 106-18-54.9800 8050 Addition
ANM NONE CO MONTROSE RANGER RANCH AIRPORT 7CO2 02692.19*A PR PR 38-24-58.0000N 107-54-16.0000 6197 Addition
ANM NONE ID MURPHY CANYON ID04 04273.03*A PR PR 42-38-28.0000N 116-58-58.0000 5055 Addition
ANM NONE MT CASCADE CASCADE FIELD 3MT7 12290.6*A PR PR 47-16-00.0000N 111-43-03.0000 3800 Addition
ANM NONE UT BIG WATER AMANGIRI HELIPORT UT18 25104.01*H PR PR 37-01-26.0000N 111-37-00.6000 4066 Addition
ANM NONE UT LITTLE SAHARA RECREATION A LITTLE SAHARA MEDICAL HELIPAD #1 3UT8 25179.14*H PR PR 39-43-34.8800N 122-18-19.9100 5228 Addition
ANM NONE UT LITTLE SAHARA RECREATION A LITTLE SAHARA MEDICAL HELIPAD #2 3UT9 25179.15*H PR PR 39-40-22.7900N 112-21-17.3500 4957 Addition
ANM NONE UT NEW HARMONY CHARLEVOIX 2UT5 25230.3*A PR PR 37-26-50.6400N 113-14-51.3600 5300 Addition
ANM NONE UT PRICE CASTLEVIEW HOSPITAL HELIPAD 4UT8 25259.03*H PR PR 39-36-22.6700N 110-49-59.9600 5577 Addition
ASO MEM NC BURNSVILLE YANCEY EMS MEDICAL NR07 16582.27*H PR PR 35-55-01.3000N 082-19-57.6000 2820 Addition
ASO MEM NC PINEHURST DERBY AERODROME NR08 17016.3*A PR PR 35-08-02.0000N 079-37-48.0000 516 Addition
ASW LNM LA JENA LASALLE GENERAL HOSPITAL LA88 07572.10*H PR PR 31-41-38.0000N 092-09-25.0000 220 Addition
ASW NONE TX MORGAN DEVIL'S FINGER TX28 24382.04*A PR PR 32-01-18.0000N 097-40-39.5000 827 Addition
ASW TEX TX AMARILLO EVANS AERODROME XS39 23324.5*A PR PR 35-04-37.2600N 101-41-28.9300 3545 Addition
ASW TEX TX BRIGGS STILETTO AIRPARK XS79 23486.55*A PR PR 30-49-27.7900N 097-57-31.4500 1075 Addition
ASW TEX TX DESOTO DESOTO 73T 23759.7*H PU PU 32-37-53.9800N 096-51-18.8200 648 Addition
ASW TEX TX MARATHON LOS MUERTOS 6TE2 24287.29*A PR PR 30-12-18.6000N 103-15-03.4000 4034 Addition
ASW TEX TX MURPHY LAZY DOG RANCH AIRPARK 3TE3 24398.12*A PR PR 33-04-26.4500N 096-25-55.2000 600 Addition
ASW TEX TX PADUCAH BUCKLE L RANCH EAST TX12 24457.2*A PR PR 36-16-44.1800N 100-05-34.2700 1710 Addition
ASW TEX TX PEARLAND MEMORIAL HERMANN PEARLAND HOSPITAL 1TE6 24489.9*H PR PR 29-33-52.7500N 095-23-16.9200 58 Addition
ASW TEX TX SULPHUR SPRINGS HIDDEN SPRINGS RANCH 94TS 24868.8*A PR PR 33-12-36.2700N 095-31-57.8100 485 Addition
ASW TEX TX TILDEN AERO SAYLEE 43TS 24925.01*A PR PR 28-28-30.4500N 098-34-50.7000 280 Addition
ASW TEX TX WALLER PFEFFER 2 6XS4 24982.16*A PR PR 29-56-45.4600N 095-56-28.8800 205 Addition
AWP NONE AZ SIERRA VISTA SKYLINE AIR RANCH 1AZ6 00794.19*A PR PR 31-33-24.0000N 110-06-39.0000 4180 Addition
AWP SFO CA CHILCOOT BODAD CA11 01396.02*A PR PR 39-59-49.9700N 120-13-00.6850 5909 Addition
ACE NONE KS PEABODY GILLEY'S 80KS 06835.*A PR PR 38-09-46.0000N 097-11-39.0000 1427 Deletion
ACE NONE KS TONGANOXIE SHELLER'S 11KS 06929.5*A PR PR 39-07-00.0040N 095-08-55.8910 1090 Deletion
ACE NONE NE HARTINGTON SUDBECK FIELD NE50 12752.41*A PR PR 42-36-55.0010N 097-24-37.2130 1480 Deletion
ACE NONE NE MORRILL SVITAK 52NE 12821.*A PR PR 42-02-41.8680N 103-57-56.8080 4183 Deletion
AEA HAR PA BLOOMSBURG STONE CASTLE MOTEL PA44 19883.1*A PR PR 40-58-25.0000N 076-31-07.0000 585 Deletion
AEA HAR PA HANOVER HANOVER 6W6 20490.1*A PR PU 39-47-34.1000N 077-01-30.2000 565 Deletion
AEA HAR PA KUTZTOWN ZETTLEMOYER 2PA0 20679.1*A PR PR 40-33-24.3420N 075-41-52.6860 550 Deletion
AEA NYC NY HOLCOMB CREEKSIDE D67 15423.*A PR PU 42-54-58.2300N 077-22-56.9570 820 Deletion
AGL CHI IL HOFFMAN ESTATES AMERITECH CENTER 6IL7 04753.52*H PR PR 42-04-40.0000N 088-07-25.0000 842 Deletion
AGL CHI IN OAKTOWN ED-AIR 2IG4 05548.*A PR PR 38-51-05.1620N 087-29-59.0000 426 Deletion
ANE NONE RI PROVIDENCE DOWNTOWN PROVIDENCE HELISTOP RI9 22024.3*H PU PU 41-49-16.5500N 071-24-18.7600 7 Deletion
ASO ATL GA CUMMING MATHIS GA27 03745.71*A PR PR 34-06-04.3560N 084-09-39.6980 1170 Deletion
ASO ATL SC CALHOUN FALLS HESTER MEMORIAL 0A2 22159.1*A PU PU 34-05-26.0000N 082-33-54.7000 517 Deletion
ASW LNM LA BENTON L J EARNEST LS69 07431.5*A PR PR 32-38-36.5300N 093-39-44.6370 165 Deletion
ASW LNM LA BOSSIER CITY PIONEER FIELD FLIGHT PARK LA17 07443.02*U PR PR 32-36-06.5360N 093-41-38.6390 173 Deletion
ASW TEX TX FORT SAM HOUSTON CHARLES L KELLY AHP T22 23883.15*H MR PR 29-28-00.8340N 098-25-01.0550 666 Deletion
AWP LAX CA LOS ANGELES WELLS FARGO-CV CL20 01817.36*H PR PR 34-02-30.0440N 118-16-18.2660 260 Deletion
AWP LAX CA TEHACHAPI PSK RANCH 9CA0 02341.2*A PR PR 35-06-49.8760N 118-35-53.3220 3840 Deletion
AWP SFO CA LOS BANOS SAN LUIS RESERVOIR 0O0 01839.01*C PU PU 37-03-29.7990N 121-07-33.7250 544 Deletion
ASW TEX TX CLEBURNE GOATNECK 13TX 23617.7*A PR PR 32-09-12.2000N 097-33-33.2000 575 Addition

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports (