NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: March 31, 2016

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
ACE NONE KS AUGUSTA RIVERBEND RANCH 77KS 06482.18*A PR PR 37-38-50.9500N 096-50-29.2300 1272 Addition
AEA NONE PA PHILADELPHIA PENN PRESBYTERIAN MEDICAL CENTER - NORTH PA39 21211.016*H PR PR 39-57-33.0000N 075-11-52.0000 194 Addition
AGL NONE IL CERRO GORDO GAITROS STOL 88IL 04491.07*A PR PR 39-56-32.2000N 088-43-59.8000 683 Addition
AGL NONE IL EARLVILLE YOUNGLOVE/OTTERBACH IL55 04601.2*A PR PR 41-32-08.0000N 088-59-55.0000 694 Addition
AGL NONE IL MC LEANSBORO WHITE OAK RESOURCES IL33 04838.23*H PR PR 38-10-14.4000N 088-36-02.5000 418 Addition
AGL NONE MN LITTLEFORK WEST WIND MN23 10796.1*A PR PR 48-27-13.0000N 093-36-04.0000 1100 Addition
AGL NONE MN MADELIA MADELIA HELIPAD 44MN 10806.013*H PR PR 44-02-37.0000N 094-25-05.0000 989 Addition
AGL NONE MN SLEEPY EYE SLEEPY EYE MEDICAL CENTER 07MN 10998.19*H PR PR 44-17-57.8000N 094-43-46.2300 1028 Addition
ANE NONE NH GREENFIELD PARKER INTL NH14 13260.018*H PR PR 42-55-46.0000N 071-51-39.0000 1065 Addition
ANE NYC CT BETHLEHEM IRISH HILLS FARMS 33CT 02780.01*A PR PR 41-36-34.0000N 073-14-23.0000 830 Addition
ANM HLN MT BIG SKY BIG SKY MEDICAL CENTER 4MT7 12259.02*H PR PR 45-15-40.0000N 111-18-00.0000 6276 Addition
ANM HLN MT DARBY BOULANGER FIELD 4MT9 12317.1*A PR PR 46-01-48.9950N 114-11-05.9800 3891 Addition
ANM HLN MT LEWISTOWN SMITHFIELD MT65 12426.2*A PR PR 47-07-01.0000N 109-22-35.0000 4370 Addition
ANM SEA ID HORSESHOE BEND SANDS ID67 04208.32*A PR PR 43-51-38.4500N 116-15-45.7500 4280 Addition
ANM SEA WA CHENEY REED WT24 26149.17*A PR PR 47-31-22.0000N 117-32-17.0000 2696 Addition
ANM SEA WA CHENEY SILVERBIRD WT04 26149.19*A PR PR 47-31-02.0000N 117-32-03.0000 2418 Addition
ANM SEA WA SEDRO WOOLLEY THE TIME PORTAL WA47 26399.24*H PR PR 48-35-29.2400N 122-15-33.1200 420 Addition
ANM SEA WA TOUCHET GALT'S GULCH 52WT 26438.007*A PR PR 46-01-22.3800N 118-32-37.5000 580 Addition
ASO ATL GA ATLANTA ROLLINS GA53 03640.31*A PR PR 33-48-54.3770N 084-22-18.7340 810 Addition
ASO NONE AL BIRMINGHAM TRINITY MEDICAL CENTER 9AL0 00164.22*H PR PR 33-25-58.3500N 086-42-57.9400 540 Addition
ASO NONE GA AMERICUS HODGES FIELD 4GA0 03623.08*A PR PR 32-07-24.5500N 084-07-47.8800 455 Addition
ASO NONE MS COLUMBIA BEETS 9MS9 11328.5*A PR PR 31-12-09.1600N 089-44-59.1200 238 Addition
ASO NONE MS GREENWOOD HENDERSON 8MS1 11247.1*A PR PR 33-35-07.2000N 090-05-58.2000 162 Addition
ASO NONE TN DICKSON TRISTAR HORIZON FSED HELIPAD 5TN0 22946.23*H PR PR 36-00-39.8900N 087-19-44.0900 894 Addition
ASO NONE TN GREENVILLE TOMMY'S FIELD 4TN5 22993.21*A PR PR 36-09-03.0000N 082-37-57.0000 1561 Addition
ASW AOK AR LITTLE ROCK LITTLE ROCK POLICE DEPT. 56AR 01056.18*H PR PR 34-38-27.1800N 092-18-15.6600 283 Addition
ASW LNM LA SHREVEPORT CHRISTUS HIGHLAND LA85 07739.05*H PR PR 32-25-25.2500N 093-42-57.3700 160 Addition
ASW LNM LA SUNSET BRIGGS AIRFIELD LA92 07749.73*A PR PR 30-23-22.0300N 092-08-50.5800 48 Addition
ASW NONE NM DEMING MIMBRES MEMORIAL HOSPITAL NM04 14595.15*H PR PR 32-15-33.2900N 107-46-03.0400 4315 Addition
ASW NONE NM TAOS GRANT BESLEY NM03 14741.14*A PR PR 36-39-43.7000N 105-43-12.7500 7646 Addition
ASW NONE OK BRAY RAAB FIELD OK63 19234.*A PR PR 34-37-47.3500N 097-48-54.1000 1379 Addition
ASW TEX TX BROOKSHIRE SPORT FLYERS 27XS 23489.511*A PR PR 29-50-16.8230N 095-56-57.8380 180 Addition
ASW TEX TX POINT COMFORT FORMOSA PLASTICS TS51 23536.*H PR PR 28-41-27.0000N 096-33-05.8800 24 Addition
ASW TEX TX SALADO SALADO 2TX 24676.1*A PR PU 30-55-14.6450N 097-32-25.8150 685 Addition
AWP PHX AZ GREEN VALLEY GREEN VALLEY HOSPITAL HELISTOP AZ69 00702.07*H PR PR 31-48-26.0000N 111-00-34.0000 2970 Addition
AAL NONE AK CHERNOFSKI HARBOR CHERNOFSKI HARBOR KCN 50096.*C PU PU 53-23-56.8120N 167-33-06.8400 0 Deletion
ACE NONE KS GRENOLA LIEBAU RANCH 45KS 06644.31*A PR PR 37-24-14.1060N 096-27-12.0300 1250 Deletion
ACE NONE MO PECULIAR WEST AERO RANCH 6MO9 12002.01*A PR PR 38-42-02.0350N 094-28-25.8260 980 Deletion
AEA DCA VA CHESAPEAKE WEATHERLY & SON VA59 25673.2*A PR PR 36-38-08.5430N 076-09-05.7630 10 Deletion
AEA DCA VA CRITZ TRENT FARM AIRSTRIP VA26 25711.9*A PR PR 36-39-00.4930N 080-06-59.1710 1130 Deletion
AGL CHI IL BEECHER VON ALVENS AIRVIEW IL29 04411.5*A PR PR 41-18-00.1220N 087-39-00.1410 715 Deletion
AGL CHI IL EVANSTON EVANSTON HOSPITAL-GOLF COURSE SITE 3IL8 04628.85*H PU PR 42-03-53.1060N 087-41-04.2120 610 Deletion
AGL CHI WI STOUGHTON QUAMS MARINA 99C 27603.2*C PR PU 42-57-04.0010N 089-16-15.4210 843 Deletion
AGL CHI WI WEST BEND HAHN SKY RANCH 2T5 27679.*A PR PU 43-27-58.9920N 088-17-27.3470 1090 Deletion
ANM DEN CO BOULDER BOULDER COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 79CO 02522.03*H PR PR 40-01-39.9480N 105-17-01.9640 5373 Deletion
ANM DEN CO DURANGO VAL AIR CD82 02586.2*A PR PR 37-20-16.0050N 107-51-07.2390 6548 Deletion
ANM DEN CO ELIZABETH HOUSTON 71CO 02592.64*H PR PR 39-33-03.2000N 104-30-20.4600 6039 Deletion
ANM DEN CO FORT COLLINS HAT-FIELD 6CO4 02603.07*A PR PR 40-30-37.0000N 105-00-05.0000 4885 Deletion
ANM DEN CO FORT COLLINS HELI - ONE 0CO4 02603.05*H PR PR 40-35-23.7000N 105-02-45.8000 4935 Deletion
ANM DEN CO KIRK IDLER BRO'S 72CO 02646.91*A PR PR 39-40-45.9640N 102-35-26.7340 4200 Deletion
ASW TEX TX AZLE BLUE SKIES 77TA 23382.02*A PR PR 32-52-26.4520N 097-39-41.0960 960 Deletion
ASW TEX TX BROOKSHIRE SPORT FLYERS 1TX 23489.511*A PR PU 29-50-16.8230N 095-56-57.8380 180 Deletion
ASW TEX TX SALADO SALADO 73TA 24676.1*A PR PU 30-55-14.6450N 097-32-25.8150 685 Deletion
AWP PHX AZ AGUILA HILLAIR DIRT STRIP AZ04 00624.03*A PR PR 33-55-09.1060N 113-11-24.6900 2210 Deletion
AWP PHX AZ ARLINGTON GILA COMPRESSOR STATION 30AZ 00627.3*A PR PR 33-15-00.1560N 112-48-47.6210 838 Deletion
AWP PHX AZ CHANDLER GILA RIVER MEMORIAL 34AZ 00645.12*A PR PR 33-14-36.1800N 111-54-47.1050 1185 Deletion
AWP PHX AZ COOLIDGE VALLEY FARMS 36AZ 00661.2*A PR PR 32-59-37.2230N 111-27-03.4390 1478 Deletion
AWP PHX AZ DATELAND DATELAND AIRFIELD AZ06 00666.62*A PR PR 32-49-02.0000N 113-31-37.0000 450 Deletion
AWP PHX AZ FOUNTAIN HILLS GOLDFIELD RANCH AZ25 00682.42*A PR PR 33-36-00.0000N 111-36-19.0000 1720 Deletion
AWP PHX AZ MARANA TAYLOR FIELD 0AZ1 00727.*A PU PR 32-18-03.2660N 111-19-25.3820 2130 Deletion
AWP PHX AZ ROOSEVELT TONTO RANGER STATION 4AZ3 00780.02*H PU PR 33-39-59.1740N 111-07-26.4400 2165 Deletion
AWP PHX AZ STANFIELD WALTER RANCH AZ49 00797.51*A PR PR 32-53-44.1770N 112-15-13.5250 1615 Deletion
AWP SFO CA SAN FRANCISCO COMMODORE CA30 02187.32*H PR PR 37-48-38.7410N 122-24-52.8960 10 Deletion
AGL CHI IL CHICAGO MARCOR IL76 04506.52*H PR PR 41-53-46.1170N 087-38-32.1910 1047 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports (