NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: July 24, 2014

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AGL BIS SD ABERDEEN BARBER FIELD 30SD 22603.03*A PR PR 45-30-17.3200N 098-35-43.9400 1380 Addition
AGL BIS SD ABERDEEN COMSTOCK FIELD 80SD 22603.04*A PR PR 45-46-21.6300N 098-21-10.4200 1332 Addition
AGL CHI IN INDIANAPOLIS ESKENAZI HOSPITAL 60IN 05370.13*H PR PR 39-46-41.0000N 086-11-03.0000 898 Addition
ANM NONE ID VICTOR TETON SPRINGS ID15 04347.1*H PR PR 43-34-27.2300N 111-06-29.6700 6296 Addition
ANM NONE OR ALBANY MITCHELL FLD OR67 19345.17*A PR PR 44-41-42.7200N 123-01-10.7800 253 Addition
ASO JAN AL FLORALA FORLALA HOSPITAL HELIPAD 7AL8 00308.1*H PR PR 31-00-03.2800N 086-18-49.1600 324 Addition
ASO JAN MS CANTON CLOUD 9 7MS4 11170.06*A PR PR 32-36-24.3800N 090-11-34.6200 250 Addition
ASO ORL FL MIAMI MERCY HOSPITAL FL25 03324.5*H PR PR 25-44-24.0600N 080-12-44.3000 6 Addition
ASW NONE TX HOUSTON TSJ 33TX 24067.68*H PR PR 29-58-00.1000N 095-24-26.2000 100 Addition
AWP NONE CA ENCINITAS SCRIPPS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL CA82 15549.33*H PR PR 33-02-13.5400N 117-17-06.2600 224 Addition
AWP NONE CA ESCONDIDO PALOMAR MEDICAL CENTER CL48 01552.13*H PR PR 33-07-28.0000N 117-04-28.0000 715 Addition
AWP NONE CA SAN DIEGO SHARP MEM HOSPITAL CL36 02166.21*H PR PR 32-47-58.0000N 117-09-12.0000 460 Addition
AAL NONE AK KOGGIUNG KOGGIUNG 5KO 50425.6*A PR PU 58-52-12.3780N 157-00-37.7350 30 Deletion
ACE NONE MO JOPLIN ST. JOHN'S RGNL MEDICAL CENTER 5MO7 11810.02*H PR PR 37-03-41.4000N 094-31-52.8000 1020 Deletion
ACE NONE MO WHEATLAND SKYRIDERS MO52 12226.1*A PR PR 37-52-00.1240N 093-23-00.7160 900 Deletion
ANM DEN CO NEW RAYMER WILLIAMS RANCH 7CO4 02695.311*A PR PR 40-36-14.9530N 103-56-21.8200 4860 Deletion
ANM SEA WA SUMNER PERSONAL 500 SALES CO. 88WA 26426.*H PR PR 47-12-13.3630N 122-13-25.4250 50 Deletion
ASO MEM TN ROCKWOOD WALDEN RIDGE TN86 23178.12*A PR PR 35-47-55.2580N 084-45-47.7930 820 Deletion
ASW AOK OK MILBURN MERCURY RANCH 2OK1 19101.*A PR PR 34-11-40.2200N 096-31-08.0000 790 Deletion
ASW TEX TX FORT STOCKTON FAITH CATTLE COMPANY, LONGFELLOW RANCH 8TE6 23883.3*A PR PR 30-18-00.6380N 102-43-01.5480 3900 Deletion
AWP HNL HI WAIANAE KAENA POINT SATELLITE TRACKING STATION 86HI 52588.*H MA PR 21-33-43.6400N 158-14-28.6400 1288 Deletion
AWP LAX CA PALOS VERDES NORTHROP PALOS VERDES 66CN 02024.5*H PR PR 33-45-38.0590N 118-23-18.2620 1080 Deletion
AWP LAX CA RANCHO PALOS VERDES LONG POINT 3CL6 02078.92*H PR PR 33-44-13.0620N 118-23-37.2630 85 Deletion
AWP NONE CA ESCONDIDO PALOMAR MEDICAL CENTER PA90 01552.18*H PR PR 33-07-28.0000N 117-04-28.0000 715 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports (