NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: March 05, 2015

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AAL NONE AK KENAI PRL LOGISTICS 82AK 50410.24*H PR PR 60-31-46.2954N 151-15-24.2570 28 Addition
AAL NONE AK TYONE CREEK TYONE CREEK 907AU CAMP 93AK 50738.20*A PR PR 62-11-50.4000N 147-24-39.0000 3720 Addition
ACE NONE KS GLASCO PALMER FIELD 96KS 06629.16*A PR PR 39-22-06.6500N 097-47-17.0000 1404 Addition
ACE NONE MO CAMDENTON CAMDENTON MEMORIAL OZS 11586.6*A PU PU 37-58-26.3000N 092-41-28.3000 1061 Addition
ACE NONE NE MULLEN HOOKER COUNTY 84NE 12823.1*A PR PR 42-02-31.7900N 101-03-34.7800 3240 Addition
AEA NONE NY MARATHON COCHRAN NY92 15632.5*A PR PR 42-26-18.3000N 076-05-19.7000 1280 Addition
AGL CHI IL CHICAGO CHICAGO HELICOPTER EXPERIENCE IL09 04503.03*H PR PR 41-50-53.6000N 087-38-54.1000 582 Addition
AGL CHI IN CONNORSVILLE DUNGAN IN12 05194.4*A PR PR 39-42-28.2100N 085-13-06.4500 1051 Addition
AGL CHI WI SPARTA ST MARY'S HOSPITAL - FRANCISCAN-SKEMP WI48 27578.3*H PR PR 43-56-42.2300N 090-48-51.2700 772 Addition
AGL DET OH GENEVA OLD HICKORY AIRPARK OH12 17949.15*A PR PR 41-49-18.8500N 080-57-00.0400 637 Addition
AGL MSP MN WESTBROOK SANFORD WESTBROOK CLINIC 4MN6 11070.19*H PR PR 44-02-46.0800N 095-26-24.1500 1432 Addition
ANE NONE ME BRIDGTON BRIDGTON HOSPITAL 2ME6 07877.02*H PR PR 44-02-43.7100N 070-42-54.2200 560 Addition
ANE NONE ME DOVER FOXCROFT MAYO REGIONAL HOSPITAL 2ME5 07947.14*H PR PR 45-11-18.8100N 069-14-12.3300 370 Addition
ANE NONE ME FARMINGTON FRANKLIN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL ME23 07973.*H PR PR 44-37-35.5800N 070-09-43.5300 423 Addition
ANE NONE ME FORT KENT NORTHERN MAINE MEDICAL CENTER 2ME4 07977.15*H PR PR 47-15-53.5900N 068-35-35.7600 600 Addition
ANE NONE ME GREENVILLE CHARLES A. DEAN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 4ME8 08010.05*H PR PR 45-27-30.1300N 069-36-40.2800 1085 Addition
ANE NONE ME MACHIAS DOWN EAST COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 8ME3 08108.05*H PR PR 44-42-48.4000N 067-28-33.1400 150 Addition
ANM DEN CO GATEWAY HUBBARD 9CO3 02616.*A PR PR 38-40-59.9440N 108-59-02.3910 4670 Addition
ASO MEM NC CLAYTON JOHNSTON MEDICAL CENTER 03NR 16631.11*H PR PR 35-37-48.9720N 078-30-14.1120 320 Addition
ASO MEM NC MT. PLEASANT WOLF PIT 9NR4 16953.23*A PR PR 35-21-18.0000N 080-25-53.0000 535 Addition
ASO MEM NC NEWTON GROVE FIDDLEAIR 63NC 16983.14*A PR PR 35-16-30.5230N 078-26-01.9140 190 Addition
ASO NONE AL SAWYERVILLE W. M. THOMAS PAD 36AA 00508.22*H PR PR 32-43-00.6100N 087-44-58.2900 165 Addition
ASO ORL FL APOPKA FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA 1FA2 03027.13*H PR PR 28-40-53.0000N 081-30-27.0000 116 Addition
ASW NONE NM CARLSBAD CAREFLIGHT 25 NM95 14559.3*H PR PR 32-21-00.3000N 104-15-04.4000 3297 Addition
ASW NONE TX BRACKETVILLE RIO PINTO RANCH 1TA8 23474.18*A PR PR 29-14-13.8000N 100-41-02.7000 935 Addition
ASW NONE TX CARTA VALLEY MAFRIGE RANCH, INC 2TA9 23564.13*A PR PR 29-48-40.2000N 100-41-14.7000 1847 Addition
ASW NONE TX CHINA SPRING V-BAR 4TA2 23595.22*A PR PR 31-44-32.1000N 097-19-11.5000 565 Addition
ASW NONE TX GROESBECK FORT PARKER FLYING FIELD 01TS 23988.6*A PR PR 31-33-54.9000N 096-32-45.9500 500 Addition
ASW NONE TX HARKER HEIGHTS SETON MEDICAL CENTER HARKER HEIGHTS 28TS 24011.19*H PR PR 31-04-18.0000N 097-40-56.0000 835 Addition
ASW NONE TX HUNTSVILLE RAVEN'S NEST 57TS 24091.16*A PR PR 30-48-05.0000N 095-32-35.6000 276 Addition
ASW TEX TX GOLDTHWAITE FLYING 7H RANCH TA76 23950.6*A PR PR 31-25-53.0000N 098-28-01.0000 1580 Addition
AWP NONE HI WAILUKU MAUI MEMORIAL MEDICAL 22HI 52590.*H PR PR 20-53-06.9000N 156-29-25.1000 156 Addition
AWP SFO CA COLUSA BEHRING RANCH 3CA3 01431.05*H PR PR 39-20-28.7200N 121-57-03.3600 62 Addition
ACE NONE KS PAOLA CLOUD 9 68KS 06833.61*A PR PR 38-34-02.0480N 094-46-56.8540 1050 Deletion
ACE NONE MO CAMDENTON CAMDENTON MEMORIAL H21 11586.6*A PU PU 37-58-26.3000N 092-41-28.3000 1061 Deletion
ACE NONE MO PHILADELPHIA BEVILL 7MO2 12006.*A PR PR 39-51-00.1550N 091-44-00.5830 710 Deletion
ACE NONE MO ST LOUIS DEACONESS HOSPITAL 65MO 12076.7*H PR PR 38-37-47.1860N 090-17-17.4110 550 Deletion
ACE NONE NE MULLEN HOOKER COUNTY MHN 12823.1*A PR PU 42-02-59.9900N 101-04-01.5780 3260 Deletion
ACE NONE NE VALPARAISO NOVOTNY/TONAR FARMS NE88 12962.51*A PR PR 41-01-15.0190N 096-51-51.0760 1426 Deletion
AEA HAR NJ PORT REPUBLIC WINCHELSEA 8NJ0 14213.6*A PR PR 39-31-04.4230N 074-30-32.5480 30 Deletion
AGL CHI IL RAMSEY BREWER LL69 04958.61*A PR PR 39-12-39.0000N 089-07-06.0000 640 Deletion
AGL CHI IN NORTH VERNON AEROBATIC PRACTICE 45IN 05544.03*A PR PR 38-59-47.1930N 085-44-52.9000 681 Deletion
AGL CHI IN RISING SUN RISING SUN 31II 05608.*A PR PR 38-55-33.2160N 084-54-42.8190 830 Deletion
AGL CHI WI SPARTA ST MARY'S HOSPITAL - FRANCISCAN-SKEMP 77WI 27578.3*H PR PR 43-56-42.2300N 090-48-51.2700 772 Deletion
AGL DMA ND REYNOLDS JENSON NA01 17451.98*A PR PR 47-40-05.9170N 097-00-19.2990 867 Deletion
AGL NONE IL CERRO GORDO GAITROS IL10 04491.*A PR PR 39-56-30.1800N 088-43-52.3500 689 Deletion
ANE NONE ME FARMINGTON FRANKLIN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 0ME1 07973.*H PR PR 44-37-35.5800N 070-09-43.5300 423 Deletion
ANM HLN ID JEROME ST. BENEDICTS HELIPAD 2ID9 04215.01*H PR PR 42-43-48.0000N 114-31-06.0000 4000 Deletion
ASO ORL FL ARCADIA CARLSTROM FIELD 92FL 03030.18*A PR PR 27-07-14.1900N 081-50-59.3000 35 Deletion
ASW TEX TX PORT O'CONNOR PHI 7TA6 24544.04*H PR PR 28-26-23.0070N 096-26-05.9080 4 Deletion
AWP LAX CA LOS ANGELES NORTHROP GRUMMAN WOODLAND HILLS 26CL 01817.42*H PR PR 34-10-07.0180N 118-35-40.3090 875 Deletion
AWP LAX CA SANTA BARBARA GOLETA VALLEY COMMUNITY HOSPITAL CA96 02235.02*H PR PR 34-26-00.9870N 119-48-34.4980 45 Deletion
AWP LAX CA WOODLAND HILLS PRUDENTIAL HELISTOP 2CA7 02467.4*H PR PR 34-10-32.0180N 118-35-42.3110 847 Deletion
AWP SFO CA PETALUMA MAZZA 43CN 02041.*A PR PR 38-11-06.7050N 122-36-07.9410 20 Deletion
AEA HAR PA MOOSIC WNEP-TV PA98 20967.01*H PR PR 41-22-12.2890N 075-40-50.6850 1035 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports (