NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: May 26, 2016

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
ACE NONE IA MEDIAPOLIS PEGTOWN 28IA 06167.42*A PR PR 40-59-08.2900N 091-05-26.3900 725 Addition
ACE NONE KS BENNINGTON ARLAND 00AR 06492.25*A PR PR 38-58-07.5650N 097-36-08.3000 1352 Addition
ACE NONE KS BONNER SPRINGS SUN VIEW FIELD 03PR 06500.04*A PR PR 39-03-57.4100N 094-55-18.1300 980 Addition
ACE NONE KS LEOTI AERO B RANCH 00AA 06728.62*A PR PR 38-42-14.4800N 101-28-26.0800 3435 Addition
ACE NONE KS WINFILED DAVIS FIELD 00FD 06988.5*A PR PR 37-15-18.0400N 096-57-37.3400 1184 Addition
ACE NONE MO FREDERICKTOWN JOSEPH SCOTT MU22 11733.15*A PR PR 37-41-19.2400N 090-11-39.3600 1059 Addition
ACE NONE MO GAINESVILLE ROCKY TOP AIRFIELD 11MU 11738.52*A PR PR 36-39-28.4990N 092-27-56.0843 1273 Addition
ACE NONE MO MATTHEWS MALONE AIRFIELD 65MO 11914.3*A PR PR 36-43-58.1700N 089-34-55.6600 300 Addition
ACE NONE MO RICHMOND RAY COUNTY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MU17 12049.2*H PR PR 39-15-48.1300N 093-57-25.3800 827 Addition
ACE NONE NE DAKOTA CITY KRISTIJANTO AIRSTRIP NE75 12696.*A PR PR 42-24-01.2300N 096-25-50.4400 1096 Addition
ACE NONE NE NORFOLK KOHLES NE78 12836.3*A PR PR 42-04-29.0000N 097-19-08.5000 1686 Addition
ACE NONE NE OXFORD CLYDE AIRFIELD NE21 12867.1*A PR PR 40-17-31.2600N 099-35-36.4800 2250 Addition
ACE NONE NE SPENCER HUFFY'S NE81 12929.8*A PR PR 42-52-58.0000N 098-39-21.5000 1690 Addition
AEA NYC NY STONY POINT AMAR 0NY2 00521.01*H PR PR 41-13-51.7000N 074-02-50.4000 507 Addition
AEA NYC NY WOLCOTT DODGE HAVEN 77NY 16435.*C PR PR 43-20-15.7200N 076-43-36.2100 279 Addition
AEA NYC PA CONSHOHOCKEN CONSHOHOCKEN 5PA8 20130.*H PR PR 40-04-10.5000N 075-18-08.5000 83 Addition
AEA NYC PA LOCK HAVEN NILS 96PA 20787.05*C PR PR 41-10-12.2600N 077-29-40.1200 550 Addition
AGL NONE IL DE LAND FLYING ILLINI IL80 04567.07*A PR PR 40-06-29.4000N 088-40-59.2700 710 Addition
AGL NONE IL EL PASO CORN ALLEY 2 74IL 04621.2*A PR PR 40-45-20.5100N 089-00-58.8100 728 Addition
AGL NONE IL KANSAS PERRY RLA IL39 04774.65*A PR PR 39-28-48.9200N 087-50-40.4800 691 Addition
AGL NONE IL SHILOH MEMORIAL HOSP EAST SHILOH 61IL 04999.5*H PR PR 38-34-27.3000N 089-54-24.5200 610 Addition
AGL NONE MN AURORA NORTHERN PINES MEDICAL CENTER 05MN 10523.*H PR PR 47-31-03.0000N 092-13-49.0000 1446 Addition
AGL NONE MN MCGREGOR JACKSON SEAPLANE BASE MN61 10818.513*C PR PR 46-43-00.8000N 093-12-36.8000 1224 Addition
ANE NONE NH LACONIA LAKES REGION GENERAL HOSPITAL 44NH 13312.15*H PR PR 43-31-40.6000N 071-27-50.9000 597 Addition
ANM DEN WY DOUGLAS MOORE RANCH 84WY 27772.13*A PR PR 43-26-46.0000N 105-44-35.0000 5027 Addition
ANM NONE UT LOGAN LOGAN REGIONAL HOSPITAL UT06 25186.2*H PR PR 41-45-18.8065N 111-49-14.2803 4583 Addition
ANM NONE UT SALT LAKE CITY PRIMARY CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER UT08 25289.19*H PR PR 40-46-15.7237N 111-50-20.6798 4953 Addition
ASO ATL GA CONCORD FLYING D 1GE5 03732.815*A PR PR 33-06-04.4500N 084-23-36.7200 838 Addition
ASO ATL GA MONROE KINTAIL FARM GA00 03928.21*A PR PR 33-49-32.0000N 083-38-23.0000 810 Addition
ASO NONE MS PASCAGOULA MARTIN HELIPORT AREA 9MS7 11379.07*H PR PR 30-21-23.0000N 088-30-26.0000 5 Addition
ASW AOK AR OZARK BYRD'S BACKCOUNTRY AIRSTRIP 51AR 01128.1*A PR PR 35-40-38.8000N 093-43-56.2600 800 Addition
ASW AOK AR ROGERS MERCY HOSPITAL NORTHWEST ARKANSAS 53AR 01156.09*H PR PR 36-18-30.4104N 094-11-03.2113 1276 Addition
ASW LNM LA RACELAND PIERCE FIELD LA89 07718.13*A PR PR 29-43-54.9800N 090-38-21.3100 12 Addition
ASW TEX TX BEEVILLE CHASE FIELD INDUSTRIAL TX2 23418.25*A PU PU 28-21-44.8000N 097-39-42.9000 190 Addition
AWP SFO CA FIDDLETOWN FLYING GLUEPIE RANCH 74CA 01569.02*A PR PR 38-28-03.3800N 120-48-12.5400 1451 Addition
ACE NONE NE TRENTON TRENTON MUNI 9V2 12953.*A PU PU 40-11-14.9920N 101-01-31.5770 2796 Deletion
AEA DCA MD CAMBRIDGE HORN POINT MD18 08483.42*A PR PR 38-35-22.4280N 076-08-18.7920 12 Deletion
AEA NYC NY ROSCOE SKYTOP NY03 16042.1*A PR PR 41-52-30.3170N 074-58-48.5920 2094 Deletion
AEA NYC NY WEST BLOOMFIELD FORT HILL NY32 16401.2*A PR PR 42-54-07.2290N 077-32-51.9840 915 Deletion
AEA NYC NY WEST WINFIELD TGP-245 12NY 16427.7*H PR PR 42-52-24.2560N 075-10-15.5800 1440 Deletion
AGL CHI IL CHATHAM AC & R COMPONENTS 00LL 04495.82*H PR PR 39-39-55.0000N 089-42-20.0000 600 Deletion
AGL CHI IL GILBERTS OLIVERS IS92 04678.72*H PR PR 42-06-00.0900N 088-22-09.2970 895 Deletion
AGL CHI IL LOVINGTON DAWSON FARMS 0IS4 04835.71*A PR PR 39-45-45.1240N 088-40-17.2390 670 Deletion
AGL CHI IL NOKOMIS DAHLER 7LL8 04904.52*A PR PR 39-21-09.1650N 089-18-03.3110 659 Deletion
AGL CHI IL OQUAWKA HEEG IL22 04922.91*A PR PR 41-00-25.6000N 090-52-58.4000 600 Deletion
AGL CHI IL ROCK CITY CHESTER WYSS LL75 04971.5*A PR PR 42-25-30.0530N 089-27-00.4150 920 Deletion
AGL CHI IL TAMMS TAMMS CORRECTIONAL CENTER 31IL 05022.7*H PR PR 37-15-10.0000N 089-16-50.0000 346 Deletion
AGL CHI WI PORT WASHINGTON FLYING S RANCH 1WI2 27496.48*A PR PR 43-21-55.0110N 087-53-13.3180 705 Deletion
AGL DET MI CORAL CORAL 2MI7 09694.02*A PR PR 43-21-02.4000N 085-23-09.2600 993 Deletion
AGL DET MI DECKERVILLE INDIAN CREEK RANCH 56G 09710.01*A PR PU 43-34-42.7500N 082-38-49.8600 745 Deletion
AGL DET OH SPRING VALLEY FRICKE OI34 18538.*A PR PR 39-36-47.2170N 083-59-32.7550 905 Deletion
AGL DET OH SUGAR GROVE DEEDS FIELD OH86 18563.2*A PR PR 39-38-54.2330N 082-32-23.5740 800 Deletion
AGL DET OH ZANESVILLE BETHESDA HOSPITAL HELISTOP 4OH2 18762.12*H PR PR 39-58-27.3300N 082-01-06.1600 786 Deletion
ANE NONE NH LACONIA LAKES REGION GENERAL HOSPITAL 40NH 13312.15*H PR PR 43-31-40.6000N 071-27-50.9000 597 Deletion
ANM DEN CO BRIGGSDALE CASS FIELD 00CO 02525.2*A PR PR 40-37-19.9370N 104-20-39.8250 4830 Deletion
ANM DEN CO LONGMONT DENVER ARTCC CO99 02669.01*H PU PR 40-11-13.9450N 105-07-35.9410 5057 Deletion
ANM DEN CO MONTROSE MONTROSE BLM 6CO5 02692.021*H PU PR 38-27-29.9270N 107-52-03.8870 5859 Deletion
ANM DEN CO WALSENBURG CHOLLA 64CO 02751.02*A PR PR 37-45-20.0000N 104-45-23.0000 5950 Deletion
ANM DEN UT SALT LAKE CITY DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS UT62 25287.01*H PU PR 40-45-24.9160N 111-50-31.8150 4713 Deletion
ASO ORL FL ALAMANA LEFFLER FA63 03014.*A PR PR 28-57-48.9530N 081-07-17.2110 43 Deletion
ASW LNM LA MAURICE KEN GUIDRY NR 4 62LA 07639.5*A PR PR 30-04-30.7360N 092-12-49.4570 21 Deletion
ASW TEX TX BEEVILLE CHASE FIELD INDUSTRIAL 1XA2 23418.25*A PU PR 28-21-44.8000N 097-39-42.9000 184 Deletion
ASW TEX TX COMFORT DIAMOND K RANCH 3TA1 23640.13*A PR PR 30-02-11.7600N 098-41-51.1030 1600 Deletion
ASW TEX TX GARLAND GANZE RANCH AIRSTRIP TX89 23925.11*A PR PR 32-58-11.4380N 096-37-20.9770 500 Deletion
ASW TEX TX KATY SACK-O-GRANDE ACROPORT 9X9 24140.02*A PR PU 29-54-45.8100N 095-49-35.8230 165 Deletion
AWP LAX CA SIMI VALLEY BOEING SANTA SUSANA 1CA0 02295.82*H PR PR 34-14-16.0130N 118-41-46.3250 1800 Deletion
AWP SFO CA REDDING AMERICAN DISPLAY 2CL4 02088.012*H PR PR 40-31-19.5460N 122-18-13.0170 503 Deletion
ACE NONE IA MENLO JUKAM'S LANDING IA00 06169.*A PR PR 41-31-11.9555N 094-21-45.8720 1230 Deletion
ACE NONE IA ONAWA ONAWA MUNI K36 06244.1*A PU PU 42-00-17.1000N 096-06-14.7000 1047 Deletion
ACE NONE MO SLATER SLATER MEMORIAL 9K5 12128.*A PU PU 39-13-45.8000N 093-04-22.0000 851 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports (