Wildlife Hazard Management at Airports

A Manual for Airport Personnel

FAA Certalerts and Advisory Circulars regarding Wildlife Strikes

Certalert No. 09-10 (PDF, 139 KB)
Wildlife Hazard Assessments in Accordance with Part 139 Requirements

Certalert No. 98-05 (PDF, 29 KB)
Grasses Attractive To Hazardous Wildlife

Certalert No. 04-09 (MS Word, 20 KB)
Relationship Between FAA And Wildlife Services

Certalert No. 04-16 (MS Word, 646 KB)
Deer Hazard to Aircraft and Deer Fencing

Certalert No. 06-07 (PDF, 24 KB)
Requests by State Wildlife Agencies to Facilitate and Encourage Habitat for State-Listed Threatened and Endangered Species and Species of Special Concern on Airports

AC 150/5200-32 (CURRENT)
Reporting Wildlife Aircraft Strikes

AC 150/5200-33 (CURRENT)
Hazardous Wildlife Attractants On Or Near Airports

AC 150/5200-34 (CURRENT)
Construction or Establishment of Landfills Near Public Airports

AC 150/5200-36 (CURRENT)
Qualifications for Wildlife Biologist Conducting Wildlife Hazard Assessments and Training Curriculums for Airport Personnel Involved in Controlling Wildlife Hazards on Airports


We have received a lot of questions concerning FAA guidance on the use of lasers on airports to harass hazardous wildlife. There are 2 documents that provide FAA guidance on outdoor laser use around airports.

FAA Advisory Circular 70-1 Outdoor Laser Operations (PDF, 2.17 MB)
(12-30-04) provides information for those proponents planning to conduct outdoor laser operations that may affect aircraft operations in the National Airspace System (NAS). Also, the AC explains why notification to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is necessary, how to notify the FAA of the planned laser operation, and what action the FAA will take to respond to such notifications.

FAA Order 7400.2F - Procedures for Handling Airspace Matters (PDF, 3.46 MB)
[Effective Date: February 16, 2006 Includes Change 1, Effective August 3, 2006]. Part 6, Chapter 29 prescribes policy, responsibilities, and guidelines for processing a Notice of Proposed Outdoor Laser Operations and determining the potential effect of outdoor laser activities on users of the National Airspace System.

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