Users may access additional airport information with the 5010 link for the associated airport. Airport categories are based on calendar year 2015 passenger enplanement data.

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MH = Medium Hub
SH = Small Hub
Commercial Service Airports: Primary Airports
Location Name Id 5010 Data
GARDEN CITY Garden City Regional Airport GCK 5010
MANHATTAN Manhattan Regional Airport MHK 5010
TOPEKA Forbes Field FOE 5010
WICHITA Wichita Mid-Continent Airport (SH) ICT 5010

Commercial Service Airports : Non-Primary Airports
Location Name Id 5010 Data
DODGE CITY Dodge City Regional Airport DDC 5010
HAYS Hays Regional Airport HYS 5010
LIBERAL Liberal Mid-America Regional Airport LBL 5010

Location Name Id 5010 Data
NEWTON Newton City County Airport EWK 5010
OLATHE Johnson County Executive Airport OJC 5010
OLATHE New Century AirCenter IXD 5010
WICHITA Colonel James Jabara Airport AAO 5010

General Aviation
Location Name Id 5010 Data
ABILENE Abilene Municipal K78 5010
ANTHONY Anthony Municipal ANY 5010
ANTHONY Wilcox Field 7K6 5010
ARGONIA Argonia Municipal 2K8 5010
ASHLAND Harold Krier Field K58 5010
ATCHISON Amelia Earhart K59 5010
ATWOOD Atwood-Rawlins County City-County ADT 5010
AUGUSTA Augusta Municipal Airport 3AU 5010
BALDWIN CITY Vinland Valley Aerodrome K64 5010
BEAUMONT Beaumont Hotel 07S 5010
BELLEVILLE Belleville Municipal RPB 5010
BELOIT Moritz Memorial K61 5010
BENTON Lloyd Stearman Field 1K1 5010
Bressler Field
5K0 5010
BUCKLIN Bucklin 8K0 5010
BURLINGTON Coffey County UKL 5010
CALDWELL Caldwell Municipal 01K 5010
CHANUTE Chanute Martin Johnson CNU 5010
CIMARRON Cimarron Municipal 8K8 5010
CLAY CENTER Clay Center Municipal CYW 5010
COFFEYVILLE Coffeyville Municipal CFV 5010
COLBY Shalz Field CBK 5010
COLDWATER Comanche County 3K8 5010
CONCORDIA Blosser Municipal CNK 5010
COTTONWOOD FALLS Cottonwood Falls 9K0 5010
COUNCIL GROVE Council Grove Municipal K63 5010
DIGHTON Dighton K65 5010
EL DORADO Captain Jack Thomas/El Dorado EQA 5010
EL DORADO Patty Field 9K6 5010
ELKHART Elkhart-Morton County EHA 5010
ELLINWOOD Ellinwood Municipal 1K6 5010
ELLSWORTH Ellsworth Municipal 9K7 5010
EMPORIA Emporia Municipal EMP 5010
EUREKA Lt. William M. Milliken 13K 5010
FORT SCOTT Fort Scott Municipal FSK 5010
FOWLER Fowler 18K 5010
FREDONIA Fredonia 1K7 5010
GARDNER Gardner Municipal K34 5010
GARNETT Garnett Municipal K68 5010
GOODLAND Renner Field /Goodland Municipal GLD 5010
GREAT BEND Great Bend Municipal GBD 5010
HARPER Harper Municipal 8K2 5010
HERINGTON Herington Regional HRU 5010
HIAWATHA Hiawatha Municipal K87 5010
HILL CITY Hill City Municipal HLC 5010
HILLSBORO Alfred Schroeder Field M66 5010
HORTON Horton Municipal K91 5010
HOXIE Hoxie-Sheridan County 1F5 5010
HUGOTON Hugoton Municipal HQG 5010
HUTCHINSON Hutchinson Municipal HUT 5010
INDEPENDENCE Independence Municipal IDP 5010
INGALLS Ingalls Municipal 30K 5010
IOLA Allen County K88 5010
JETMORE Jetmore Municipal K79 5010
JOHNSON Stanton County Municipal 2K3 5010
JUNCTION CITY Freeman Field 3JC 5010
KINGMAN Kingman Airport - Clyde Cessna Field 9K8 5010
KINSLEY Kinsley Municipal 33K 5010
LA CROSSE Rush County K94
LAKIN Lakin 36K 5010
LARNED Larned-Pawnee County LQR 5010
LAWRENCE Lawrence Municipal LWC 5010
LEOTI Mark Hoard Memorial 3K7 5010
LINCOLN Lincoln Municipal K71 5010
LUCAS Lucas 38K 5010
LYNDON Pomona Lake 39K 5010
LYONS Lyons-Rice County Municipal LYO 5010
MANKATO Mankato TKO 5010
MARION Marion Municipal 43K 5010
MARYSVILLE Marysville Municipal MYZ 5010
MC PHERSON McPherson MPR 5010
MEADE Meade Municipal MEJ 5010
MEDICINE LODGE Medicine Lodge K51 5010
MINNEAPOLIS Minneapolis City County 45K 5010
MOLINE Elk County 2K6 5010
MONTEZUMA Montezuma Municipal K17 5010
MOUNDRIDGE Moundridge Municipal 47K 5010
NEODESHA Neodesha Municipal 2K7 5010
NESS CITY Ness City Municipal 48K 5010
NORTON Norton Municipal NRN 5010
NORWICH Norwich 49K 5010
OAKLEY Oakley Municipal
OBERLIN Oberlin Municipal OIN 5010
OLATHE Cedar Air Park 51K 5010
ONAGA Charles E Grutzmacher Municipal 52K 5010
OSAGE CITY Osage City Municipal 53K 5010
OSBORNE Osborne Municipal K75 5010
OSWEGO Oswego Municipal K67 5010
OTTAWA Ottawa Municipal OWI 5010
OXFORD Oxford Municipal 55K 5010
PAOLA Miami County K81 5010
PARSONS Tri-City PPF 5010
PHILLIPSBURG Phillipsburg Municipal PHG 5010
PITTSBURG Atkinson Municipal PTS 5010
PLEASANTON Gilmore 57K 5010
PRAIRIE VIEW Van Pak 0P1 5010
PRATT Pratt Regional PTT 5010
ROSE HILL Cook Airfield Inc K50 5010
RUSSELL Russell Municipal RSL 5010
SABETHA Sabetha Municipal K83 5010
SALINA Salina Municipal Airport SLN 5010
SATANTA Satanta Municipal 1K9 5010
SCOTT CITY Scott City Municipal TQK 5010
SEDAN Sedan City 61K 5010
SENECA Seneca Municipal 62K 5010
SMITH CENTER Smith Center Municipal K82 5010
ST FRANCIS Cheyenne County Municipal SYF 5010
STAFFORD Stafford Municipal 3TA 5010
STILWELL Hillside 63K 5010
STOCKTON Stockton Rooks County Regional RCP 5010
SUBLETTE Sublette Municipal 19S 5010
SYRACUSE Syracuse-Hamilton County Municipal 3K3 5010
TOPEKA Philip Billard Municipal TOP 5010
TRIBUNE Tribune Municipal 5K2 5010
ULYSSES Ulysses ULS 5010
WAKEENEY Trego Wakeeney 0H1 5010
WAMEGO Wamego Municipal 69K 5010
WASHINGTON Washington County memorial K38 5010
WELLINGTON Wellington Municipal EGT 5010
WICHITA Beech Factory BEC 5010
WICHITA Cessna Aircraft Field CEA 5010
WICHITA Riverside K32 5010
WICHITA Westport 71K 5010
WICHITA Westport Auxiliary 72K 5010