Wednesday, November 2
Session / Title Speaker Name(s) File Size
9:30-FAA HQ Financial Update: These Uncertain Times (PDF) Elliott Black 2.6 MB
9:30-Wildlife Managing Changes - An Airport Perspective (PDF) John Ostrum and Josh Paurus 31.0 MB
9:30-Digital NOTAMs - From Teletype to Graphical (PDF) Kathlyn Hoekstra 0.9 MB
9:30-Ops Safety On Airports During Construction (PDF) Khalil Kodsi 0.2 MB
9:30-Runway Incursion Prevention (PDF) Khalil Kodsi 1.2 MB
9:30-Land Use Planning (PDF) Amanda Knox, Chad Oliver and Terry Tappenbeck 20.0 MB
11:00-NextGen Update (PDF) Barry Cooper and Ignacio Flores 3.5 MB
11:00-Complex Construction - MLI (PDF) Brad Hamilton and Bryan Johnson 5.3 MB
11:00-Threat and Error Management and Hazard Identification on Airports (PDF) Roger Motzko 1.0 MB
11:00-Airport Compliance 101 - Get To Know Your Grants (PDF) Stacy Swigart 0.4 MB
12:00-Luncheon Presentation: Fiscal Year 2011 In Review (PDF) Susan Mowery Schalk, A.A.E., AICP, FAA Great Lakes Airports Division Manager 3.8 MB
1:30-NPI Group Reimbursables (PDF) Clint Pautsky and Shawn Clark 0.1 MB
1:30-PFC Highlights (PDF) Tina Young 0.4 MB
1:30-iSupplier Update (PDF) Beth Bisbee 0.1 MB
1:30-FAA Airport Policies - Land Uses (PDF) Stacy Swigart 19.0 MB
3:00-NPI Group Non-Fed Takeovers (PDF) Natashia Jones and Dao Pham 0.3 MB
3:00-NPRM - 139 Program Update (PDF) Birke Rhodes 1.1 MB
3:00-NPRM - 139 Update (Common Part 139 Issues in the Western-Pacific Region) (PDF) Patrick Lammerding 3.4 MB
3:00-Regional Surplus Property Program (PDF) Heather Monaghan-Manna 1.0 MB
3:00-Sustainability Planning - Lessons Learned, Appleton Airport (PDF) Marty Lenss and Matt Dubbe 2.4 MB
3:00-Case Study MKE RSA (PDF) Terry Blue, James Zsebe, Laura Morland and Greg Stern 16.4 MB
Thursday, November 3
Session / Title Speaker Name(s) File Size
8:30-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (SMGCS) (PDF) Mark Fox 0.7 MB

8:30-Special Event Planning and Coordination On Airports (PDF)

Robert Hahn, Al Mlacnic, Chad Oliver and Paul Lo 2.6 MB
8:30-Modeling Airport Capacity/Performance (PDF) Richard Kula 1.2 MB
8:30-Smoothness and Drainage for Runway Intersections (PDF) Christopher Decker 5.1 MB
8:30-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (PDF) Randy Willis 2.6 MB
9:45-Fueling Safety (PDF) Phil Lindenmuth 8.6 MB
9:45-Safety Management Systems In Airport Planning and Development (PDF) Kenneth Taira, Irene Porter, Wayne Sieloff and Matthew Johnson 4.3 MB
9:45-Wetland Permit Requirements - What You Need To Know (PDF) Ron Abrant 1.0 MB
9:45-Effects of Deicing Chemical on Concrete and ASR Mitigation (PDF) Gary Mitchell 3.3 MB
9:45-ACRP Update (PDF) Theresia Schatz 7.0 MB
9:45-ACRP Report 50 - RSA Risk Software (PDF) Manuel Ayers 1.6 MB
11:00-Airport Emergency Response - A Strategy for Continuous Improvment (PDF) Steve Lee 4.6 MB
11:00-The Hazards of Foreign Object Debris (PDF) Duane Hayden 15.4 MB
11:00-U.S. EPA Update for Storm Water Permitting (PDF) Carol Staniec 3.3 MB
11:00-747-8 Airport Compatibility, Lessons Learned and Implementation of the New FAA Pavement Classification Number (PCN) Calculation Method (PDF) Karen Dix-Colony and Orest Shepson 4.0 MB
11:00-DBE Regulatory Program Update (PDF) Nancy Cibic 2.0 MB
11:00-ADA Program Update (PDF) Dr. Supriya Raman 0.1 MB