Passenger (enplanement) and cargo data is extracted from the Air Carrier Activity Information System (ACAIS), a database that contains revenue passenger boarding and all-cargo data. The database supports the FAA's Airport Improvement Program (AIP) apportionment formula calculations. More about the collection and use of passenger and all-cargo data »

Passenger boarding and all-cargo data is collected for a full calendar year and determines AIP entitlements for the next full fiscal year (i.e., calendar year 2012 data determines Fiscal Year 2014 entitlement funds).

  • Calendar Year 2012 data became available in September 2013.
  • Preliminary Calendar Year 2013 enplanement and all-cargo data will be available in July 2014.

CY 2004 Passenger Boarding and All-Cargo Data

Title Other Format
Passenger Boardings, Rank Order, and Percent Change from 2003  
     Non-primary Commercial Service Airports (PDF) MS Excel
     Primary Airports (PDF) MS Excel
     Primary, Non-primary Commercial Service, and General Aviation Airports with Enplanements (PDF) MS Excel
Commercial Service Airports by State and Type of Carrier (PDF) MS Excel
Qualifying Cargo Airports, Rank Order, and Percent Change from 2003 (PDF) MS Excel

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