Passenger (enplanement) and cargo data is extracted from the Air Carrier Activity Information System (ACAIS), a database that contains revenue passenger boarding and all-cargo data. The database supports the FAA's Airport Improvement Program (AIP) apportionment formula calculations. More about the collection and use of passenger and all-cargo data »

Passenger boarding and all-cargo data is collected for a full calendar year and determines AIP entitlements for the next full fiscal year (i.e., calendar year 2012 data determines Fiscal Year 2014 entitlement funds).

  • Calendar Year 2012 data became available in September 2013.
  • Preliminary Calendar Year 2013 enplanement and all-cargo data will be available in July 2014.

CY 2008 Passenger Boarding and All-Cargo Data

Title Other Format
Passenger Boardings, Rank Order, and Percent Change from 2007
     Primary and Nonprimary Commercial Service Airports (by Rank Order) (PDF) (updated 12/18/2009) MS Excel (updated 12/18/2009)
  Primary, Non-primary Commercial Service, and General Aviation Airports with Enplanements (by State) (PDF) (updated 12/18/2009) MS Excel (updated 12/18/2009)
Qualifying Cargo Airports, Rank Order, and Percent Change from 2007 (PDF) (10/13/2009) MS Excel (10/13/2009)

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