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From the results of this effort, it is concluded that the performance standards for a temporarily-closed-runway visual aid should be as follows:

1. The device should be a lighted signal in the shape of the letter "X".

2. The device should be capable of being acquired at a range of at least 5 nautical miles both day and night.

3. The signal should be recognizable as a letter "X" from at least 1-1/2 nautical miles both day and night.

4. The signal should provide horizontal coverage to at least 15 degrees on each side of runway centerline , and provide vertical coverage from 0 degrees to 10 degrees above horizontal, both day and night, at a range of 1-1/2 nautical miles.

5. The signal should pulse at a rate of three seconds "onon and one second "Off".

Last updated: 10:02 am ET June 24, 2009
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