Springfield-Branson Regional Airport, MO

Springfield-Branson Regional Airport (SGF). Located 5 miles northwest of the city at N37-14.66 W93-23.21 at an elevation of 1267 feet.

1. Aircraft operating near the vicinty of Taxiway Uniform north of Taxiway Bravo be advised the tower cannot always maintain visual contact due to blind spots created by large aircraft parked on the air cargo ramp.

2. Aircraft using Taxiway Delta use caution approaching the intersection of Taxyway Delta and Uniform. Taxiway Deltamakes a "jog" as it crosses Taxiway uniform.

3. Aircraft taxiing southbound on Taxiway November to runway 32 use caution approaching the intersection of Taxiway November and Sierra. A/C must turn left on Taxiwy Sierra to proceed to the approach end of Runway 32.

RWY 14-32 H8000X150 PAPI

RWY 02/20 H7003X150 VASI

UNICOM 122.95

ATIS 119.05

TOWER 119.9

GND CON 121.9

CLNC DEL 123.675

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