Airports Best Practices

We want to share some "Best Practices" from some of our Southern Region airports. Airports have done so much in the last couple of years to improve vehicle driver training, fencing and gate access control, airfield signage and marking, and increasing and improving coordination with airport tenants and users. Keep Up The Great Work!! Here are some best practices we would like to share with you.

  • Increase and improve the relationship between the airport, ATCT, and airport tenants/users.
  • Provide specialized Movement Area Airport training for tug drivers or develop a handout for their use while operating on the movement area.
  • Eliminate the redundancy of tug numbers.
  • Develop a Safety Guide for Ground Vehicle Operations and Ramp Driving Guidelines.
  • Prepare an Address Locator Map that boldly indicates the restricted movement area of the airport as well as the addresses of all tenants and commercial enterprises. This is a great tool for regular delivery drivers and construction vehicle drivers.
  • Provide different decals for vehicles that are authorized to drive on the movement areas as opposed to those that are restricted to ramp areas only.
  • Awareness, Education and Enforcement! Keep all airport tenants/users aware - improve coordination. Educate - conduct annual drivers' training and user meetings. Enforce the airport rules and regulations - issue warning letters and fines.
  • Limit the movement area to only those vehicles that have a need.
  • Provide drivers' training to the FAA Airway Facilities personnel who service your airport.