Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) Runway Safety Survey

As a result of the "Call to Action" meeting between FAA and Industry groups during August of 2007, ATL was one of twenty airports selected nation-wide, with the greatest impact on reducing runway incursions (RI). The factors considered were RI rate, RI severity, and Threat Areas identified in the Wrong Runway Study. Additional factors included increasing RI rate, higher RI severity and a high number of threat areas. ATL had 2 of the 8 wrong runway threats identified in the Wrong Runway Study, which were: 1) Airport complexity, and 2) One taxiway to multiple runways.

A Runway Safety Action Team (RSAT) meeting was conducted on September 25, 2007. One outcome of the meeting resulted in an initiative to develop a survey to request feedback/recommend/ations from airport users about any locations or conditions at the ATL Airport that may be confusing or considered hazardous, and may need corrective actions to avoid potential incidents.

The FAA Runway Safety Team, in conjunction with the ATL Air Traffic Control Tower and The Atlanta Airport Authority will review all survey recommendations received; compile a list of accepted initiatives and prioritize them for implementation.

Airports can be exciting places to work but there are many hazards which can affect the lives of hundreds or thousands of families in an instance. Any safety suggestions/recommendations you have for improvements will be considered. Act now and make your voice heard. You can make a positive difference!

You may respond to the survey here: SURVEY

or e-mail your suggestions to: 9-ASO-Runway-Safety@faa.gov

or, you can mail your suggestions to:
Federal Aviation Administration Southern Region Runway Safety Program Office Attn: Anna B. Cohen, Manager - AJS-4SO 1701 Columbia Ave. College Park, GA 30337

Please include as much detail information with your suggestions as you can. Your name and contact information is optional and will not affect the merit of any suggestions; however, we strongly encourage including it, should we need clarification. You may attach additional sheets as necessary.