Airport Safety Awards

The FAA Southern Region Airports Division Safety Awards program allows the division to recognize general aviation airports that have taken actions, instituted programs, or otherwise operated in such a manner deserving of special recognition for improving airport safety.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria for the General Aviation Airport Safety Award are based on the development or implementation of a specific program or activity, or other special and unique accomplishments, involving the operation of an air carrier airport that resulted in enhanced safety.

Submitting a nomination

Each airport requesting consideration should provide to Southern Region Airports Division, ASO-620, in a format of their choice, the following:

  • A brief statement identifying the airport being nominated (self nominations are acceptable).
  • A description of the specific accomplishment or activity that has clearly or significantly enhanced airport safety.
  • Any accompanying information, supplemental graphics, or explanatory material that may help to describe or support the nomination.

Period and deadline

The period of consideration is October 1 to September 30. Packets must be received in the Airports Division office by November 30.


An Airports Division selection committee evaluates nominations in the following areas:

  • Evaluation of the specific activity, program, or accomplishment that has clearly or significantly enhanced airport safety.
  • Evaluation of the positive contributions to safety as a result of the airport initiative.
  • Evaluation of any ongoing or potential benefit resulting from the activity, program, or accomplishment.

Notification of award

The winner will be notified of the selection and a date will be set to physically award the winner (most likely during the annual communications conference, usually held in January).

Past award winners

Past winners, General Aviation Airport Safety Award
Year Winner City, State
2011 Cecil Airport Jacksonville, FL
2010 [None given]  
2009 [None Given]  
2008 [None given]  
2007 Dalton Municipal Airport Dalton, GA
2006 [No awards given in 2006]  
2005 Stennis International Airport Bay St. Louis, MS
2004* Georgetown-Scott County Airport Georgetown, KY