Street Address

Federal Aviation Administration
Western-Pacific Region (AWP-600)
Airports Division
15000 Aviation Boulevard
Room 3012
Lawndale, California 90261
Phone Number: (310) 725-3600
Fax Number: (310) 725-6847

Mailing Address

Federal Aviation Administration
Western-Pacific Region (AWP-600)
Airports Division
P.O. Box 92007
Los Angeles, CA 90009

Contact Information

Topic Individual Phone
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Megan Nelson 310-725-3600
Noise Complaint Issues 24-Hour Message Hot Line 310-725-3638
Airport Compliance Issues Tony Garcia 310-725-3634
General Information Megan Nelson 310-725-3600

Directory Listing - Airports Division Regional Office

Airports Division Executive Staff, Office of the Manager, AWP-600
Mark McClardy Division Manager AWP-600 310-725-3600
Vacant Deputy Division Manager AWP-601 310-725-3600
Georgina Marquez Adminstrative Officer AWP-602 310-725-3602
Megan Nelson Management Assistant AWP-600A 310-725-3600
Planning & Programming Branch, AWP-610
Mia Ratcliff Branch Manager AWP-610 310-725-3610
Dave Kessler Environmental Protection Specialist AWP-610.1 310-725-3615
Pete Ciesla Environmental Protection Specialist AWP-610.2 310-725-3612
Richard Dykas Regional Capacity Officer AWP-610.3 310-725-3613
Sam Iskander Airport Program Specialist AWP-610.4 310-725-3623
Richard Chao Airport Program Specialist AWP-610.5 310-725-3619
Safety & Standards Branch, AWP-620
Brian Armstrong Branch Manager AWP-620 310-725-3620
Tony Garcia Compliance Officer AWP-620.1 310-725-3634
Mike Agaibi Regional Engineer AWP-620.2 310-725-3632
Eric Swann Certification Inspector AWP-620.3 310-725-3660
Jake Florendo Certification /Safety Inspector AWP-620.4 310-725-3653
Elizabeth Louie Certification /Safety Inspector AWP-620.5 310-725-3636
Steven Oetzell Lead Certification /Safety Inspector AWP-620.6 310-725-3611
Charlotte Jones Certification /Safety Inspector AWP-620.7 310-725-3645
George Aiken Special Project Officer AWP-620.8 310-725-3635
Kimkay Espiritu Program Analyst AWP-620.9 310-725-3607