Concurrent validation of AT-SAT for tower controller hiring/placement (CoVATCH)
Darendia McCauley, Ph.D. (PDF) and Jerry Crutchfield, Ph.D. (PDF)

The FAA uses the Air Traffic Selection and Training (AT-SAT) test battery to select applicants out of the general public who show the aptitude to become a successful controller. However, once selected, whether a new employee will be assigned to work as an En Route, Tower, or TRACON controller depends upon need and convenience.

This project explores the possible use of AT-SAT as a tool to help FAA personnel decide where a new hire should be placed. It may be possible to use AT-SAT scores to determine if a new hire is better suited to a particular controller job option over another. Better placement should lead to better performing, more satisfied controllers and potentially fewer trainee washouts. Currently, the validation of AT-SAT as a placement tool depends upon the collection of criterion performance measure scores and predictor AT-SAT scores from hundreds of incumbent Tower controllers across the United States.