Normal Operations Safety Survey (NOSS) Input into Human Reliability Estimation
Larry Bailey, Ph.D. (PDF)

The Air Traffic Organization (ATO) has a goal of continuous reduction in Operational Errors (OEs). Although OEs are relatively rare, it is thought that the human errors associated with them are more prevalent and thus would be more suitable for measuring the effect of interventions designed to reduce OEs. The ATO�s current Safety Management System (SMS) lacks the ability to monitor the presence of the human errors that are frequently associated with OEs. Although data currently collected during a Normal Operations Safety Survey (NOSS) provides insight about the types of threats and about human error that exists, the NOSS data do not directly map onto the causal factors used in identifying the human factors causes of OEs. Thus, a need exists to develop a linkage between NOSS and the human error causal factors as reported in the FAA�s OE Form 7210-3.

There are two research objectives:
  1. Evaluate the utility of NOSS to inform the ATO�s SMS about human errors that are related to the OE causal factors, and
  2. To analyze NOSS data using a NOSS report template suitable for monitoring the effectiveness of interventions designed to reduce OEs.