Quick Reference Guide (QRG) Finalization and Evaluation
Darendia McCauley, Ph.D. (PDF)

Air traffic Front Line Managers play an important role in meeting FAA Flight Plan objectives for facilitating Operational Error and Runway Incursion prevention and providing leadership to manage both air traffic controller performance and resources to meet FAA goals for a safer workforce. The Quick Reference Guide is based on three best practices studies, one for en route/oceanic Front Line Managers, one for tower Front Line Managers, and one for TRACON Front Line Managers.

With the assistance of representative subject matter experts, the best practices studies were combined into one document, The Front Line Manager´┐Żs Quick Reference Guide. The QRG provides methods and techniques for Front Line Managers that will allow them to recognize potential problems in their ATC operations and respond to them before an Operational Error or Runway Incursion results. The purpose of this project is to finalize and evaluate the effectiveness of the Quick Reference Guide.