Activity: Air - Learning Activities


  • Show that an empty, clear plastic soda bottle is not really empty but is full of air. Place it under water and observe the air bubbles that come out of the opening.
  • Identify objects that are full of air.
  • Explain that a wind or breeze is really the movement of air.
  • Discuss what would happen to Earth if it were not surrounded by air.
  • Research other planets and moons in our solar system that have some type of air (atmosphere). Could humans live there? Does weather exist there?
  • Collect a variety of natural and synthetic objects. By tossing and dropping the objects, test which ones stay in the air the longest. Discuss why certain objects "float" longer than others.
  • Observe clouds forming. Point out that clouds are formed by changes in temperature and the motion of air.
  • Watch weather information broadcasts at home or school. Record the wind information for your locality for a week, also record the type of weather (hot, cold, stormy, rainy, etc.).
  • Discuss the relationship between wind and the rest of the weather for the week.