• Understand the concept of reaction time
  • Understand how various factors can affect an individual's reaction to a stimulus


  • Ask students "What is reaction time?" Give some examples of when we can observe reaction time.
  • Have students hold their hands in front of them palms facing each other.
  • Explain that they are to clap their hands as close as they can to when you clap yours.
  • Do a few claps.
  • Instead of clapping, reach for your ear or some other unexpected move.


  • How did the students react when you clapped your hands?
  • How did the students react when you made an unexpected move?
  • How many students clapped their hands when you made the unexpected move?


  • How long did it take you to react appropriately?
  • Why were some students slower to react than others?
  • When is quick reaction time important?
  • When does a pilot need to have fast reaction time?
  • What can slow down reaction time?