This is the eighth aviation/aerospace magnet school survey completed for the FAA since 1991. During the first survey conducted for a national aviation magnet school conference, 9 public high schools with magnet aviation themes were identified. This latest survey has identified 52 school programs. All high schools were identified with an address, contact person and phone, email and school web site addresses if they were provided.

A total of 24 states were identified as having school districts offering aviation/aerospace magnet type high school programs. These states also had school districts offering other types of aviation/aerospace courses or programs at schools. In fact, 27 such schools were identified as having other courses or programs. The states with the most magnet type programs are listed below:

  1. Florida-11
  2. New York-7
  3. Maryland- 4
  4. Arizona-3, California-3, Texas-3, Virginia-3
  5. Illinois-2

This survey shows steady progress of the aviation/aerospace theme in the development of magnet school programs. The Magnet Schools of America Association says 71 different magnet themes have been developed since 1985 for elementary grades and high schools and the aviation/aerospace theme has been one of the fastest growing.

Survey compiled by Dr. Frank G. Mitchell, The University of Oklahoma Department of Aviation, 1700 Asp Avenue, Norman, OK 73072.