Think Global Flight (TGF) invites you to join on their around-the-world adventure promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (S.T.E.M.) education and inspiring students. This significant international flight is expected to increase the number of students across the globe interested in and inspired by aviation and aerospace as they follow the TGF Crew on our journey around the Earth.

Utilizing S.T.E.M. concepts, TGF is connecting students across the globe through virtual venues and the website. Students are grouped by choice of the lead adult and each group is called a Student Command Center (SCC). Once the lead adult registers on the web site, we create their own SCC allowing for interaction through Skype calls, LiveTV, Facebook communications, iPhone and Android apps, as well as access to the Member Only section.

The lead adult is encouraged to empower their youth for a student-led learning experience. There are 3-ways SCC's can participate with all the information located on the Education section of the TGF web site. Monthly LiveTV broadcasts are recorded for the inexperienced, new participants as well as exciting learning information shared by the Crew, and the experienced educator and student participants from across the world.

The program is recognized by the FAA and the US Dept. of Education for real application to S.T.E.M. learning. There are no costs or time requirements for participation.

TGF's April 2014 orbit of the Earth will interactively reach over 20,000 young people at TGF Student Command Centers via SATCOM in 25 countries and 31 states enroute about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - as well as good decision making and sharing cultures.

Help us motivate a new generation of aviators, scientists, and engineers: Think S.T.E.M.--and! Register now and learn more at Think Global Flight website. Please email Think Global Flight with any questions you may have.

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Captain Judy & students at Aviation Academy. Photo credit: ThinkGloabal