The event, "The Sky's the Limit" Aviation Career Day at Van Nuys Airport was a big success. The event included approximately 2,000 students, teachers, school counselors and principals from more than 30 high schools; as well as local city officials and/or their representative. Exhibitors included aviation industry, federal agencies, local government, military, local law enforcement, colleges, flight schools, museums, associations, etc.

Whether you have always dreamed of working in, on, or around aircraft...or are curious to see what careers the aviation and aerospace industries could offer, this event was an opportunity to learn and network.

Keynote speakers were Congressman Tony Cardenas and Councilwoman Nury Martinez. Councilwoman Nury Martinez was honored at this event. As the FAA was a big part of this year's event, thanks to the work of Evelyn Woolridge, Carlette Young, from Executive Operations Staff and Deidra Mitchell, Vivian Slaton from the Human Resources (HR) Division. We conducted a Teachers Workshop for over 22 teachers, and held an educational aviation trivia activity (prize wheel) for students. Both Vivian and Deidra did an excellent job with engaging the students in the prize wheel trivia activity. Based on the recently signed AVSED MOU, this is the first event proactively transitioning the AVSED responsibilities to the HR Division in 2015. Nearly every student participated or observed throughout the day. FAA received an overwhelming number of interested parties to both events. As a result, the FAA has been asked to return next year to provide another Teacher Workshop and Student Exhibit. This could not have been successful without the joint collaboration between Executive Operations and Human Resources.

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More than 2,000 students gathered at Van Nuys Airport for the 2014 Aviation Career Fair. Nearly every student visited FAA exhibit to participate in the aviation trivia prize wheel.