The Federal Aviation Administration is pleased to have the Air Transport Association (ATA) join us again this year as the co-sponsor of the 4th Annual FAA International Aviation Safety Forum. ATA was the first - and remains the only - trade organization of the principal airlines in the United States. It has played a major role in all the major government decisions regarding aviation since its founding in 1936.

ATA assists the airline industry in:

  • Providing the world's safest system of transportation;
  • Transmitting technical expertise and operational knowledge among member airlines to improve safety, service, and efficiency;
  • Advocating fair airline taxation and regulation worldwide to foster an economically healthy and competitive industry; and
  • Developing and coordinating industry actions that are environmentally beneficial, economically reasonable, and technologically feasible

ATA continues to promote safety by coordinating industry and government safety programs and serves as a focal point for industry efforts to standardize practices and enhance the efficiency of the air transport system.